‘World’s most expensive coffee shop’ where latte costs £5k has serious message

Commuters were left spitting out their morning brews this week after spotting the prices at the 'world's most expensive coffee shop'

But the Cafe Au Pay, where a latte was priced at £5,012 and a cappuccino at £1,179, was in fact a hoax.

The elaborate stunt was set up to highlight a costly issue that affects lots of people every day.

Spilling a hot drink such as coffee on an expensive gadget can really sting in the pocket if it's uninsured.

And Urban Jungle, an insurance provider, wanted to hammer home that point by setting up a cafe with drinks that cost the same as it would to replace coffee-damaged tech.

Cafe Au Pay featured drinks including an Americano for £429, the cost of replacing a coffee-damaged smartwatch, and a £1,179 cappuccino, which would cover a top-of-the-range tablet.

A latte was priced at £5,012, the same as a replacement laptop or MacBook.

Urban Jungle analysed nearly 6,000 claims from customers and found that almost three-quarters (72%) of contents insurance claims are now for accidental damage – with coffee, tea and water damage increasingly common.

The data also reveals that over one in 10 (13%) of these claims are for electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops – which can result in high costs if the item is damaged and uninsured.

Jimmy Williams, CEO and co-founder of Urban Jungle, said: “It’s all very well having the latest tech gadgets, but we wanted to illustrate that even a morning coffee could end up resulting in a much higher price if it ends up spilt on your laptop or phone.

“The cost of living is an ongoing concern for everyone, unexpected things happen every day, so it’s more important than ever to ensure possessions are covered – this way large unpredictable costs could be avoided in the long run.

“We pride ourselves on being a fair insurance provider and our Contents Insurance doesn’t discriminate based on factors like occupation or marital status.

"Urban Jungle offers fair and customisable plans and so customers only ever pay for the cover that suits them and our prices start from as little as the cost of couple of coffees.”

For more information go to the Urban Jungle website.

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