Luxury ‘Thunder Bird’ mega-yacht with glass decks, spa and pool awaits investor

A futuristic super-yacht that looks like nothing else afloat could be the future of luxury vessels.

The jaw-dropping new design sees a 130-metre-long trimaran designed to look like a "floating bird".

Turkish yacht designer Aras Kazar has called his creation “Wakíŋyaŋ” which he explains is a word used by the Native American Lakota people for thunder. He says: "The word is usually translated as 'Thunder Spirits', 'Thunder Beings', or 'Thunder Birds".

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Describing the yacht, Aras explains: "This floating bird on the water is 130 metres long. I followed my sleek line on this project. The full glass decks provide almost 360º views with lots of natural light for the interior.

"The interior design follows the soft, gentle, cloudy feeling of the exterior. Wakinyan is designed to make you feel calm and relaxed, either when you are enjoying it from the inside or just looking at it from outside."

Guests can enjoy a pool on the aft deck, a spa inside, as well as five "soft, comfy, cloudy" bedrooms and one master bedroom.

Wakinyan is equipped with all-electric and hydrofoil technology that would allow the luxury yacht to cruise at speeds of up to 32 knots.

"It is not one of those boring, slow super-yachts,” adds Aras.

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The designer says the Wakinyan is at a "concept level" at the current time, but could go into production if an investor is found.

There’s no official price listed for Wakinyan at this time. As wild as the design is, it’s not the strangest concept for a ship we’ve seen this year.

Lazzarini Design Studio an Italian firm known for its crazy design concepts for luxury limousines, futuristic seaports, and flying superyachts – has come up with Pangeos, a gigantic “terayacht” that could one day be an ocean-going home for 60,000 people.

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Perhaps the wildest aspect of the plan is that the monster structure will be shaped like a massive turtle. Lazzarini says construction of the huge sea-beast could start as soon as 2033, with a build time of eight years.

The company is already selling “virtual” NFT entrance tickets and VIP suites for £14 and £140 respectively – allowing fans to own a piece of the astonishing structure even if it’s never built.

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