Watch as husband and wife crash through hotel's glass doors – before claiming they'd been spiked at Wetherspoon's | The Sun

THIS is the shocking moment a married couple crash through a hotel's glass doors before claiming they were spiked at Wetherspoon's.

Emma Sweeney, 42, and James Sweeney, 40, were accused of causing more than £2,000 worth of damage at the Hyatt Regency in Birmingham.

But the couple claimed they had been "spiked" after drinking at a Wetherspoon's pub shortly before the incident.

Footage from the incident shows a blood soaked man cops identified as Mr Sweeney surrounded by shattered glass at the four-star hotel just before midnight.

A woman believed to be Mrs Sweeney can be heard screaming in the background while her husband stumbles to his feet.

Frightened staff members warned that Mr Sweeney was "going to try and kick the door again" before the 40-year-old plunged his foot through the glass.

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Shocked staff looked on as the door shattered by the force of the kicks.

A security guard and a Broad Street warden then wrestle the man to the floor while someone cried out: "Where are the police?"

As he was held to the floor he yelled: "Get off me, it's hurting me, help me, help, you b*****ds, someone help me."

Police officers then arrived and asked "he's smashed all this?" before a shaken hotel worker replied "yeah, he has".

The husband and wife both denied assault and criminal damage at the luxury hotel after being charged, a court heard.

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Emma faced an additional allegation of sexual assault which she also denied.

And the couple have now been cleared after their case collapsed due to failings by the Crown Prosecution Service, a court heard.

The public agency had not properly disclosed all of the material to the defence in time, reports Mail Online.

District Judge Michelle Smith threw the case out over a failure by prosecutors to hand over evidence used as part of the police investigation to the defence.

This included mobile phone footage of the incident shown during their police interviews and a statement from one of the investigating officers. 

The court heard that the prosecution also offered no evidence in the case after the Judge Smith rejected their application to adjourn the matter further.

Despite the case not going ahead, the initial charges stated £2,160 worth of damage was caused to two glass doors. 

With the original incident occurring on September 8 last year, the judge was told the case was hit with a number of delays and setbacks.

One of the setbacks was prompted by the couple's attempts to seek an "out of court disposal" by offering to pay compensation and accept conditional cautions.

The case completely collapsed as it was set for trial on Tuesday, August 30.

Sara Wyeth, representing Emma Sweeney said: "The disclosure in this case has been inadequate.

"The process by which we have come to court and the treatment of the disclosure process has been inadequate.

"We are about to reach a year and the prosecution hasn't dealt with serving its case. 

"We are in the invidious position where my client is of good character, facing serious allegations. Material has not been served. We are a year down the line and she is privately paying for the pleasure."

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District Judge Smith acknowledged the allegations were serious but concluded there was "no explanation for the prosecution failings" and ruled that it would not be "in the interest of justice" to adjourn the case.

The Sweeneys appeared emotional as they left Birmingham Crown Court after being acquitted of the allegations.

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