Pilots fight in cockpit as crew forced to tear them apart – both now suspended

A pair of pilots who started fighting each other just after take-off in the cockpit of the plane they were flying have now been suspended.

The brawl broke out between the Air France employees after one of them refused to follow orders on the flight from Geneva to Paris, the Daily Mirror reports.

One pilot went on to slap the other, before the duelling duo grabbed each other by their collars.

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A briefcase was subsequently thrown in the face of the other and, at that point, horrified flight attendants, who had heard the commotion happening in the cabin, stepped in to split them up.

According to La Tribune, a heroic member of the cabin crew was then forced to step in and stop the blazing row.

He spent the rest of the flight babysitting the disgruntled pair to stop them kicking off again.

Speaking about the matter, a spokesperson for Air France described the behaviour as "totally inappropriate".

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The spokesperson confirmed that there was a "dispute" but said it ended quickly and did not affect the conduct or safety of the flight, which continued as normal.

They also said that during the incident – which happened on the Airbus A320 last June – they saw an exchange of "inappropriate gestures".

Since then, the pilots have been suspended while they are being investigated, according to a report by France's civil aviation safety investigation authority.


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