Tory leadership: When will the Conservatives announce contest results?

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Ms Truss and Mr Sunak participated in their last public hustings on Wednesday, August 31, as they hoped to persuade any remaining undecided voters. The contest closes this evening, a month after the first people received their ballots in August. While only around 200,000 people – approximately 0.3 percent of the UK population – can determine the results, the results will weigh heavily on the minds of the rest of Britain.

When will the Conservatives announce the leadership results?

The Conservative Party has set a 5pm final deadline for leadership ballots to be cast today.

Ballots received after this time won’t be counted, with results expected shortly after the weekend.

Conservative officials plan to announce the final results from the ballot on September 5.

While they have not announced a location, people should anticipate an announcement by 12.30pm on Monday.

The announcement will come two months after Boris Johnson resigned around 10.30am on July 7.

His successor will receive the nomination on September 5 but won’t officially take his place until a day later.

The current caretaker Prime Minister will first have to meet with Queen Elizabeth II.

After the results, Mr Johnson will have to meet with the monarch at her Balmoral residence in Scotland.

He will have to participate in the “kissing of the hands” ceremony and formally tender his resignation.

His successor will meet with the monarch afterwards to request her permission to form a new Government.

At present, it appears the likely successor is Ms Truss, who currently holds a commanding lead in polls of Tory members.

A survey conducted by YouGov for Sky News on August 18 found she has a decisive double-digit lead over her rival.

YouGov found that, of 1,089 members polled between August 12 and 17, 66 percent said they would prefer the Foreign Secretary.

Almost half – 34 percent – said they would back Mr Sunak, giving Ms Truss a 32 percent lead.

The margin between the two candidates extended when YouGov quizzed those who had already voted.

Of those who had already cast their ballot, 68 percent said they voted for Ms Truss.

Only 31 percent had chosen the ex-Chancellor, creating a 37-point chasm between the Tory hopefuls.

The number of voters backing both candidates dropped when YouGov asked those who were yet to vote.

Of the Tory members who hadn’t voted at the time, 44 percent said they would back Ms Truss, compared to 29 percent would back Mr Sunak.

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