Rats the ‘size of cats’ running ‘wild’ terrify mum as she stops kids playing out

Rats the "size of cats" running wild in gardens have left a mum fearing for the safety of her children and pet dog.

Residents of Page Moss in Liverpool have said they are being forced to "live in squalor" as parents fear letting their children outside.

One mum, who wished not to be named, says the vermin nested in the engine of her car and cost her a "fortune" to have the vehicle replaced.

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She said: "The mechanic told me they had been nesting in the engine and they had chewed through the diesel pipe so my car was eating through the fuel, which in the financial situation we are in, it was ridiculous.

"Rats were found nesting in my previous car as well, it's got to the point now where who is going to do something about it?

"It's disgusting we have to live with vermin.

"It's constant, I can't let my children in the back garden and I can't let the dog out, we can't put sheets out in case the dog eats them, it's a cycle."

The Echo previously reported that Knowsley councillors, council officers, representatives from local housing association Livv Housing and United Utilities were all out in force on the streets of Page Moss in a bid to tackle a situation, which some residents say feels "out of control."

The council confirmed it will continue to work with partners, residents, businesses and landlords to tackle any rat infestations in the area, including sewer baiting, pest control and action days as well as offering advice.

The worried mum-of-two, of Green Way, said the rats are running wild, adding: "We have a field nearby that children do play on but over the last few months you've got seagulls eating dead rats on the street and it's disgusting. It's like living in the 1900's.

"Last winter I had them in the ceiling, scratching, and had to pay to get the rat men out and then pay extra for them to come back and check it but I'm a single mum, I've got two children and I look after my disabled mum, I can't afford that.

"I now have no choice but to live in squalor and it's a disgusting way to have to live."

The worried mum posted her concerns on social media, as other residents shared their frustrations.

One person said they had "six of them sat on bins".

A spokesperson for Knowsley Council said: "We continue to work with partners, residents, businesses, and landlords to tackle any rat infestations in Page Moss.

"This includes sewer baiting, pest control and a full day of action specifically targeting the area, identifying issues that may be contributing to the problems and offering advice to residents about prevention."

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