OnlyFans star caught with sex toy filled with boyfriend’s ashes kicked from uni

An OnlyFans star has claimed she was booted from her university after posting adult content on social media.

Sarah Button, who previously hit the headlines after getting caught with a sex toy filled with her dead boyfriend's ashes, told how she was kicked from her law degree course for sharing racy snaps on Instagram.

Speaking to NudePR, the 23-year-old, who rakes in around £89k per month on OnlyFans, said: “They told me I wouldn’t be able to continue on with my course.

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“It was coming up to the time of practical placement, where we were allocated legal firms to do placement hours at, which were necessary for the next academic year.

“I think either a professor through the school recognised me or something.

“I was called into the admin building and they asked if it was me and I said yes but explained that it was under the guise of an alias, but apparently it was against some social media policy I’d signed when applying for the course, even though it’s a completely different name.

“They said I couldn’t continue the course with my online presence.”

Although she doesn't reveal with university she was attending, she went on to state that she was “angry” because of how hard the course had been, and the amount of effort she had put in.

However, she was told that if she changed her adult content to different themes, she would be allowed to return.

The incident took place in Brisbane, Australia, where the influencer is based, last summer – but this is the first time she has shared her story.

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Being kicked out of university has led to her receiving a huge backlash from family, friends and trolls online.

She said: “I was the first of my family to go to university so it definitely caused a bit of a ripple of people kind of blaming me for my choices, but I know I’ll go back.

“The comments on the internet are either complete outrage for me at the situation or it’s a ‘it’s your own fault' view.

“A lot of people are encouraging me to fight against it but I accept the consequences of my actions.

“A lot of people feel sex workers continue to be discriminated against, I agree, but also I think in a lot of ways we’re really being incorporated and accepted in society.

“I’m not mad about it, my legal brain more than understands the ramifications.

Sarah hopes to return to university at some point in the future but has no current plans to re-apply.

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