Model survived Hamas massacre after ‘hiding in skip under boyfriend’s dead body’

A model has told how she hid under her boyfriend’s corpse in a skip to survive the Hamas festival massacre.

Noam Mazal Ben-David, 27, was forced to play dead for two hours surrounded by a pile of bodies after her partner David Neman was gunned down.

She was eventually found by the Israel Defence Forces who gave her life-saving aid after the mass shooting on October 7.

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Noam was blasted in the foot and hip by armed terrorists who launched a rampage through the Supernova Festival in southern Israel, killing 260 people.

She told the Sunday Express: “I told David, let’s get inside the container, I can feel them getting closer.

“We chose to get inside the left one.

“Then they threw a grenade into the one on the right, so we knew everyone in there was dead.”

Noam’s boyfriend David was shot in the chest, while a girl lying on top of her was blasted in the shoulder.

Noam added: “They surrounded us and they just kept shooting, non-stop. I heard one girl scream ‘Please don’t take me. Just leave me alone’.

“But they still kidnapped her. They did terrible, terrible things to her.

“We were all calling our family and friends on our mobile phones, sharing our location and begging for help.”

The model was taken to Laniado Hospital in Netanya.

She said: “Thank God I got here because they treat me here like a princess.

“The most kind and beautiful people.

“I got the best treatment ever.”

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