Teacher’s aide, 27, arrested for having ‘summer sex fling’ with underage pupil

An American ex-teacher's aide is being held in custody after allegedly engaging in a 'summer break sex fling' as an investigation into the crime takes place.

Kristin Rose Kirker, 27, is currently facing two counts of having sexual intercourse with a student, in a relationship that went on for an extended period of time.

According to court records available to the general public, the suspected sex offender embarked on what would have been an illegal sexual relationship with the student in Spring and continued seeing the individual, who was below the age of 18, throughout the summer break.

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Since the news, which has shaken the victim's family to the core, has been made public, Kelly school leaders have confirmed that Kirker is no longer employed with the district.

Speaking to the media, Bradley J. Kolwyck, PhD, superintendent of schools at Scott County R-IV School Dist, released a statement explaining why he can't release the finer details of the case.

He explained: "This is a personnel matter, and I cannot speak to the specifics of the situation."

However, he was able to confirm that his department is taking the whole ordeal with the utmost seriousness and intends to ensure that no people is at risk of being abused in any way, shape or form.

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He added: "I can, however, tell you that we take allegations of employee misconduct seriously and act immediately to ensure the wellbeing of students and staff."

He also confirmed that the police are working with the correct people to ensure that this case is settled correctly and as swiftly as possible.

The superintendent continued: "We are cooperating with law enforcement and appreciate their prompt assistance with this matter."

The supposed criminal is currently being held in custody without bond as she awaits to find out what will happen to her next. 12 First Alert have reported that she will step forward to face the judge on November 6.

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