Meghan and Harry ‘carried out loyalty tests’ on Palace staff, author claims

Meghan Markle and Harry are alleged to have carried out loyalty tests on courtiers that left staff “feeling sick”.

The claims have been made by royal columnist Valentine Low, the author of the recently-released book Courtiers: The Hidden Power Behind the Crown.

Mr Low made her allegations on Good Morning Britain, saying some staff were left “shaking” by the ordeal.

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He described Harry as “paranoid” and used the tests to find out if aides were “still fighting for him”.

The Palace this year refused to make public the findings of a 2018 HR review into allegations that the Duchess of Sussex had been bullying staff.

The queen's treasurer, Michael Stevens, said it had been carried out by a privately-funded law firm and that: “The review has been completed and recommendations on our policies and procedures have been taken forward. But we will not be commenting further.”

The Duchess’s representatives have often denied the allegations.

Mr Low also claimed today (October 5) that former aides had created what they called the “Sussex Survivors” club.

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The claim was repeated from his book, which also saw former aides describe Meghan as a “narcissistic sociopath”.

Good Morning Britain host Susanna Reid asked Low what these workers have ‘survived’ to which he said: “I think it was a very difficult experience for some of them.

“As I revealed last year, there were allegations that Meghan bullied staff. People talked to me of people being completely destroyed.

“I've heard people at the time, faced with a possible encounter with Meghan, were saying things like 'I feel sick' or 'I'm shaking' – extraordinary things for an employee to say about the prospect of seeing their employer in half-an-hour.”

Discussing the Sussex’s move to the states during Megxit he did however add that some courtiers had a part to play in how badly wrong it all went.

“There is a way in which the courtiers are to blame. So the people around them were doing their best, these were people who believed in Harry and Meghan and they wanted to help.

“But there were signs early on, in the first year or so of their marriage, there were signs of how unhappy Harry and Meghan were.

“And no one really did anything about that. No one picked it up, no one flagged it up and there were no big discussions with the most senior courtiers in the institution.”

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