Putin angers art world by demanding ‘Holy Trinity’ handed over to Russian church

Russian President Vladimir Putin's list of enemies is growing, after it emerged the despot has now angered the art world.

For over a year, the Putin's actions have seen him amass hatred from most of the West, but rarely inside his own country.

But now art experts in Russia are turning against him after he ordered a famous painting to be moved immediately, despite it undergoing a lengthy restoration process and in fragile condition.

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The Holy Trinity painting was created by Andrei Rublev in 1425.

The image shows three angels visiting Abraham at the Oak of Mamre, as depicted in the book of Genesis.

The painting had been housed at the Tretyakov Gallery since 1929, where it was undergoing extensive restoration work, but for some reason Putin demanded it be moved to the Trinity Lavra of St Sergius, despite the restorers protesting against the call.

The journey to the monastery he wants it based at is more than a 90 minute drive out into the middle of nowhere.

According to the experts at anti-Kremlin Russian news site Meduza: “Last summer, Rublev’s masterpiece was exhibited at the Lavra for three days, while on loan from the Tretyakov Gallery.

“After its brief 'visit' to the Lavra, the ikon came back in destabilized condition, with 61 'substantial changes' to its material makeup documented by the conservation staff, including five areas of critical damage.

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“Art conservators are alarmed by the decision to transfer the ikon to the Lavra permanently, at the moment, they believe, all of its layers are still in extremely fragile condition.”

They also claim that the painting's future survivial depends on it being placed in very specific, precision climate control – which is not possible where Putin has sent it.

Not reason for the despot's decision has been given, and it is likely that the painting's future is going to be very bleak as a result.

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