Killer shark was 'sex-crazed' when it mauled two swimmers to death near Egypt holiday hotspot, say experts | The Sun

EXPERTS believe the killer shark behind the two fatal attacks on swimmers in Egypt was 'sex-crazed'.

Earlier this month, two women were mauled to death by a predator within 600 metres of each other near a popular holiday hotspot in the Red Sea.

A 68-year-old woman from the Tyrol region of Austria – who was on holiday in Egypt, died after losing an arm and a leg in an attack while swimming in the sea.

Two days later a Romanian woman was also found dead after a shark attack.

Both incidents took place off the coast of Sahl Hasheesh near the city of Hurghada, approximately 60 miles southwest of the popular resort of Sharm El Sheikh.

With shark attacks being incredibly rare in the Red Sea, experts have looked into the two tragic incidents, Egyptian Streets reports.


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A local environmental committee has suggested the attacks were carried out by a sex-crazed shark.

In a report released Monday, specialists from the Red Sea protectorates and Hurghada Environmental Protection and Conservation Association suggested the attacks could be linked to the current mating and egg-laying season.

It occurs from mid-April to the end of July and can cause sharks to behave violently.

Male sharks become so aggressive that the females will often avoid them after mating, while alphas are also known to battle with each other for breeding rights, according to studies.

Meanwhile, experts believe it is possible that both of the fatal attacks were carried out by the same shark.

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Sam Purkis, chair of the Department of Marine Geosciences at the University of Miami, told The Sun Online it was "possible" that the same shark had been involved in both attacks over the weekend, although he said he believed it was "unlikely" that one shark would repeat its behaviour in this way.

Instead, he said, there may have been another event which caused multiple sharks to surface at the same time.

He points to the dumping of animal carcases in the Red Sea by passing cargo ships.

"That leads sharks to the surface to scavenge, bringing them into contact with swimmers," he explained.

The Red Sea is also unusual by being extremely deep and close to the shore.

"This means bigger animals come in close to shore, as compared to shallower waters such as the Arabian Gulf," he went on.

"Most sharks are pelagic – open-water – and humans would never normally overlap with them, but the Red Sea is different."

It comes as yesterday the world's fastest shark, the great mako was spotted off a Spanish coast.

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