Family’s ‘well-trained’ pit bull ‘locked jaws’ around toddler’s head in mauling

A mum in her early twenties has explained how her pit bull savaged her child, leaving her with a "gash" in her head.

Shasian Houia, 22, from Perth, took to TikTok on Sunday (October 30) to share the horrors of what the pair went through.

Shasian was recorded screaming and begging her neighbours for help on their security camera after the dog “locked” its jaws around her baby.

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It was, she claimed, a usually well-behaved pet and added she had been watching the baby herself when the horrific attack took place.

During the attack, her husband is reported byMailOnlineto have worked on prising the dog’s mouth open as she scrambled for assistance.

She said the attack happened during the festive period, saying online: “This is my daughter right before surgery after a pit bull attack three days before Christmas.

“The dog put a gash through her head which was pretty deep. She got stitches and plastic surgery on her forehead.

“She had four punctures to the top of her head and a fractured arm.”

The young mum said her daughter is still scared of dogs a year after the attack, adding: “She's getting along with small, fluffy dogs but is quite traumatised by bigger dogs which, obviously, we don't blame her for."

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Breaking down the traumatic events she said: “That [first] video was me running to the neighbours for help.

“I tried to get the dog off her but he was lock-jawed so my husband was trying to pull them apart while I ran for help.

“The dog was very well trained. My daughter was right in front of us as the dog was waiting for his food to be prepared when my daughter fell on him."

Despite the trauma Shasian has discussed, some users of the video-sharing platform have been critical of her parenting.

One said: "I’m so glad she is doing ok … but actually I have to say why the hell would you leave a baby untended around any dog?”

A second added: “There [are] tonnes of news about pit bull attacking kids and you still … leave it with your child? What kind of parent are you?”

A third asked: “One question: were you watching the baby closely while she was near the dog?”

Others were far kinder, with one user saying: “I’m so happy she’s doing better now, it’s not only traumatic for her, but for you too. take it easy.”

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