We Buy Any Car snaps up blood-spattered Kia from ‘gangsters’ in viral prank

We Buy Any Car lived up to its name by snapping up a blood-spattered hatchback from pranksters posing as villains.

Josh Pieters and Archie Manners, both 29, decided to test the car company's mantra by smearing fake blood over a Kia Picanto and filling the boot with rope, cable ties and real hair to make it appear they were gangsters making a quick getaway.

A viral video shows the pair parking their vehicle at We Buy Any Car's branch in Putney, south London, and telling the worker they need to get rid of it quickly.

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After being quoted £196 Archie took a hammer from the driver's seat, passed it to Josh and asked him to give it a wipe despite the worker standing next to them.

Though fake blood had been smeared on the number plate and the open boot filled with crime scene props the sale went ahead.

The staff member told them: "I don't know what's going on but you guys shouldn't have sold it. You should have scrapped it.''

He then asked: "Have I got anything to worry about?''

After Archie reassured him the sale was legit the worker replied: "Cool, the money will come in three hours.''

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In a bizarre final exchange he advised them: "Don't take the motorway if you're smart. Use the dual carriageway.''

On the same day the firm's Clapham Junction rejected a Vauxhall the pair had stuck sex toys onto.

Josh said they targeted the firm because of its "fascinating name", adding: "They're one of the only companies who state exactly what they do in it and we wanted to see if it's true or not.

"It turns out We Buy Any Car don't buy any car but not the cars you'd expect them not to buy.

"The ones they do buy they should be checking a little bit more before turning a profit.

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"We were trying to make it out like we were the most clumsy and lazy criminals in the world because we'd left every piece of evidence sticking out in the back of the car.''

But he said the worker just did his job.

"He was supposed to buy any car and it wasn't his business why it was there or what it was there for.

"We expected that they wouldn't accept it. I thought we'd get laughed at.''

Archie added: "They weren't willing to buy the sex car and the woman didn't find it funny at. We're really surprised they didn't buy it.''

Manchester-based We Buy Any Car Ltd, which was set up in 2006 and last year posted a near £128million profit, declined to comment.


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