Brazilian school shooter shot girl, 17, in the back of the head

Chilling moment Brazilian school shooter sneaks behind 17-year-old girl and blasts her in the back of the head

  • Giovanna Bezerra, a 17-year-old junior, was shot dead at Sapopemba State School in São Paulo, Brazil, on Monday
  • Two other students were wounded in a shooting carried out by a 16-year-old freshman, who was allegedly bullied by classmates
  • Police are searching for another student who was reportedly involved in the attack

A student was shot and two others were wounded after a classmate opened fired at a school in Brazil on Monday – two weeks after he had warned of an attack on a Discord chat.

Giovanna Bezerra, 17, was shot in the head a point-blank range by a 16-year-old freshman at Sapopemba State School in São Paulo, shocking video footage showed.

A school administrator later intercepted the shooter and disarmed him before taking him to the principal’s office, where he was held until police arrived.

Emily Silva, 15, and Fernanda Rebeiro, 15, were each shot twice and rushed to Sapopemba General Hospital.

Gabriel Polloni, 18, suffered a cut in the hand while trying to break a window to escape the school. He received treatment at the medical facility and has been discharged.

Giovanna Bezerra Silva was shot dead by a fellow student at the Sapopemba State School in São Paulo, Brazil, on Monday. Two other students were also wounded in the attack. The shooter, a 16-year-old freshman, was apprehended on the scene

A surveillance camera captured the moment a 16-year-old student who was allegedly bullied shot dead Giovanna Bezerra, a 17-year-old junior, at the Sapopemba State School in São Paulo, Brazil, on Monday

Surveillance video shows Bezerra, a junior, walking down a staircase when the shooter approached from behind and shot her in the back of the head at 7.02am. 

Bezerra crashes to the bottom of the staircase, where she was later found by a school administrator.

The shooter, who was wearing a mask, then barged into a classroom and started shooting, nearly striking a young girl on the face.

He walked around the room as students ducked to the ground and others fled and spared the life of a young boy who held his hands up.

A military police unit responded to a call around 7.30 am and arrested the shooter on the scene and recovered the weapon, a .38 caliber revolver that was legally registered to his father.

Victim Emily Silva, who was expected to be released from the hospital Monday, texted her father, Alessandro Silva, after she was shot.

He ran from the family home to the school and took her to the hospital in a police vehicle.

‘I started to climb the stairs and I saw the girl [who died] lying on the floor, that pool of blood. Then I went up and found my daughter up there. She had her hand on her stomach, saying that she had been shot,’ Alessandro Silva told CBN Radio. ‘I picked her up and quickly went down the stairs. Then I met a police officer and told him it was my daughter I was helping. Then we put her in the car and came (to the hospital).’

Authorities were still searching for a second student who was also involved in the attack.

The shooter mentioned the attack on a Discord chat and was encouraged by other chat members to proceed with his plans, the Civil Police said. 

The alleged killer’s lawyer, Antonio Edio, told reporters that he didn’t receive support from any people. 

Students told Brazilian news outlet Metropoles that the attack was planned and carried out by four students who were bullied at the schools.

The shooter had reportedly been bullied for being gay.

‘He was teased a lot here at school. He was bullied for being gay,’ one of the Sapopemba State School students told the news outlet. ‘Two weeks ago, he warned that he would carry out this attack. Nobody believed it.’

A 16-year-old student stands near classroom door after firing a shot at the Sapopemba State School in São Paulo, Brazil, on Monday. The shooter killed one student and wounded two others

The student aims his weapon at a classmate at the Sapopemba State School. Brazilian news outlet Metropoles spoke to students who claimed the shooter was bullied because he was gay and planned the attack two weeks ago with three other classmates, including a lesbian

The São Paulo Secretary of Education said that the school was not aware of any threats of an attack that had been reportedly made by the 16-year-old student

Video footage of a classroom fight showed several students attacking the shooter in an incident which reportedly took place in June.

The student had also told his mother that he was constantly receiving online threats in April. A police report was filed for that incident.

A teacher who had knowledge of the school fight told Metropoles that she was walking inside the building when five shots were fired.

Another student recalled they attempted to lock themselves in a classroom before deciding to run out and warn others.

‘We tried to lock the door, we told everyone to leave,’ the student said.

‘We ran out, knocking on classroom doors for everyone to leave. I fell down the stairs and hurt my knee. It was too desperate, I was in a panic.’

Giovanna Bezerra, a 17-year-old junior, was shot dead in an attack that also left two students wounded at the Sapopemba State School in Brazil on Monday

São Paulo Governor Governor Tarcísio de Freitas announced that classes at the school have been suspended for 10 days.

‘We have to combat bullying, we have to combat homophobia, and after a situation like this you come to the conclusion that we are still not capable,’he said. 

São Paulo Secretary of Education Renato Feder visited the school and said administrators were not aware that the shooter and his alleged accomplices were planning the attack. 

‘What the principal said about the student was that he showed no signs of being a potential aggressor,’ Feder said. ‘The psychologists, although they provide collective and individual assistance at this school, said that today’s student had no problems.’

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