Veritas Fine Cannabis offers weed flower mix-packs of a half-ounce

Anyone who’s perused the beer aisle lately has noticed the rise of the craft mix-pack, a case of 12 beers that offers several different styles and flavors in one carriable package. In fact, we’ve sung the mix-pack praise for the variety and convenience. Now Colorado cannabis smokers can find a similar sort of luxury at dispensaries that carry products from Veritas Fine Cannabis.

In August, the Colorado-grown company debuted its own spin on the mix-pack, encouraging tokers to build a half-ounce with four different eighths of its numerous strains of marijuana flower. It’s a deal, too. Those who purchase three eighths get the fourth for 10 cents, plus a cute little carrier so they can travel with both style and ease.

A Veritas spokesperson said eighths regularly go for around $40 each, so a mix-pack will likely cost in the neighborhood of $120 (before tax) depending on where you shop. The mix-packs are available through Sept. 18 wherever Veritas is sold.

Dale Katechis, founder of Oskar Blues Brewery, joined the Veritas leadership team in July 2021 to help drive the brand’s strategic growth. Earlier this year, Katechis told The Denver Post he sees the current cannabis industry as similar to craft beer in the early 2000s – namely, ripe for innovation and in need of broad consumer education. He’s also involved with Weller, a Boulder-based company making CBD- and THC-infused beverages.

Though Katechis wasn’t directly involved in Veritas’ mix-pack initiative, it certainly echoes the sentiments he had about helping consumers reimagine cannabis in a way that feels familiar.

“I just had the experience of living in the craft beer world and the beverage world before a lot of things changed the landscape. I would specifically say canned beer,” Katechis said in April, speaking on behalf of Weller. Cans would go on to oust bottles and become the predominant format for packaged craft beer.

Speaking about the mainstream rise of locally-made beer, Katechis said: “We not only helped educate the retailer and the wholesaler, but our mantra was we went out and educated the consumer, and that helped broaden the category as a whole. And I feel like the THC consumer right now is in the same boat.”

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