Liz Truss declared ‘only credible choice’ in Tory leadership race by readers

Tory leadership: Liz Truss says she can win against Keir Starmer

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Just two candidates remain in the contest to succeed Boris Johnson as Conservative Party leader and Prime Minister – Foreign Secretary Liz Truss and former Chancellor Rishi Sunak. Trade Minister Penny Mordaunt was eliminated in the fifth ballot of Tory MPs on Wednesday, July 20, after receiving the support of just 105 MPs. Mr Sunak came out on top again with 137 votes while Ms Truss received 113 votes.

Ahead of the fifth-round ballot, ran a poll from 3pm on Tuesday, July 19, to 8am on Thursday, July 21, asking: “Who should win the Tory leadership race?” 

A total of 5,454 people responded with the majority of readers, 57 percent (3,096 people) backing Ms Truss. 

Despite being knocked out of the contest, Ms Mordaunt received 35 percent (1,921 people) of the vote.

Mr Sunak received the least support with just eight percent (437 people) of readers backing him.

Hundreds of readers shared their thoughts on who should become the next Tory leader and Prime Minister below the accompanying article. 

Many expressed their support for Ms Truss with one reader, username addyg leeds, declaring her as “the only credible choice”. 

Username DoggyPaws writing: “We need a completely different type of government and Liz Truss can do it.” 

And username TopBard said: “Liz Truss has enormous experience in many Government departments. She has had significant success in each role, especially recently.  

“She delivers what she says, and does not just say what she thinks others want to hear.”

Another reader, Username Sterling77a, said: “Liz Truss continued as Foreign Secretary and stayed loyal to Boris. She has an excellent track record as a team player, is efficient and gets things done.” 

They added: “Liz may not be the most charismatic in this race, but she can win elections and is the most reliable candidate worthy of becoming our next PM.” 

Others were against Mr Sunak having the top job and succeeding Mr Johnson. 

One reader, username andyfourguns said: “If Sunak wins the Tories are finished.”

Username boundrygate wrote: “If Sunak gets voted in I will no longer vote for the Conservatives.” 

And username stillcrazy said: Sunak is the problem not the solution.”

Meanwhile, some readers felt that the remaining candidates were not up to the job and that Mr Johnson should remain in his position.

Username Oldessexman said: “The conservatives have gone and shot themselves in the foot big time.”


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Username Jonnzy said: “I would much prefer it to be Boris Johnson taking back the helm, after all he is the best person for the job.” 

While username notanothernewname said: “To be quite honest, i would prefer to have Boris back rather than any of these.” 

Ms Truss and Mr Sunak will face off in two televised debates and 12 hustings across the country between  July 28 and August 31. 

A new Prime Minister will assume office on September 5 following a postal vote of 160,000 Tory members.

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