‘Why does Truss not do same?’ Ferrari has Coffey squirming over France energy cap gap

Thérèse Coffey: French and UK energy prices not comparable

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LBC’s Nick Ferrari questioned why Liz Truss was not proposing stricter action against energy companies and price caps, after comparing the UK’s situation to France. He pointed out that Emmanuel Macron’s price cap on state-owned French nuclear company EDF was shielding households in France from catastrophic price rises. Mr Ferrari made the remarks during an interview with Thérèse Coffey, who is backing Liz Truss for the Tory leadership. 

Mr Ferrari pointed out that British EDF customers are paying twice as much as French customers for energy.

He said: “If I was to take you to France, you may be aware that EDF energy customers in Britain are paying two and a half times what people are paying in France after Emmanuel Macron put a strict cap on price rises.

“EDF customers in Britain, their bills are capped at £1,971.

“In France, their bills are capped at £803. Why does Liz Truss not do the same?”

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Ms Coffey complained that “trying to compare French and UK prices is not comparable”.

She said that France relies on nuclear energy while in the UK, “we have the high proportion of gas being used to fuel homes”.

She added: “That is a global price and that is part of the problem we have now.

“It’s a different energy structure in place.

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“In Germany, it’s the same and they are paying more than us right now.”

During the interview, Ms Coffey pointed out that EDF was suing Mr Macron’s government for £7bn for being forced to sell energy at a loss.

This comes as households across the UK have been warned of sharp rises in energy prices, with average bills forecast to reach £4,200 in 2023.


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Ms Truss has repeatedly dismissed “handouts” as “Gordon Brown economics”, saying she prefers tax cuts.

However, she has also denied ruling out future support payments.

Consumer expert Martin Lewis said this week that the situation with energy bills is “a national crisis” on the scale of the Covid pandemic.

He urged immediate action from the “zombie government” as he told the BBC that support needed to double to make up for the huge expected rise in bills.


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