Nadine Dorries fights back tears as she steps down as MP

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Conservative MP Nadine Dorries has announced she will be standing down at the next election. The MP for Mid-Bedfordshire fought back tears as she made the announcement, saying the decision took “much soul-searching”. While she said she loves the job, she said she wants to distance herself from the infighting she believes is plaguing the Tory Party.

Ms Dorries warned that the Conservative Party’s election prospects are “terminal”, adding: “Given the poll rating of the Conservative Party, we are now likely to go to the wire in January 2025.”

Speaking on her TV show with TalkTV – to be aired tomorrow evening at 8pm – Ms Dorries said: “It’s been a big week in politics with a cabinet reshuffle, the return of Liz Truss and President Zelensky’s historic visit to the UK. But before we get into all of that, I’ve got some news of my own.

“After much soul searching, I have decided not to stand as an MP at the next General Election. I love my constituents and I’ve loved serving them – it’s been such an honour for the best part of two decades of my life.

“However, given the poll rating of the Conservative Party, we are now likely to go to the wire in January 2025.”

She then went on to hit out at those who ousted Boris Johnson as party leader, blasting the Tories for “infighting” and “stupidity’”.

Ms Dorries said: “That’s the worst, weakest, and least attractive position for any Government to find itself in. There is no way on God’s earth that those who plotted to depose Boris Johnson expected to be in the position we’re in today. The Conservatives are polling worse now than in 1997 when they were thrashed by Labour.

“The elite, the faux political intellectuals, you know who I’m talking about – those who believe they know better than anyone else, bet everything on a Rishi bounce…but it never came and it was never going to. The party was five points behind on the day Boris was ousted… and that was a poll deficit that would have burnt away like a summer’s mist on a morning lawn in the heat of a general election campaign.

“Today it’s 24 points behind. And that, my friends, could be described as terminal. It leaves the party boxed into a corner with no exit route.

“Those MPs who drank the Kool-Aid and got rid of Boris Johnson are already asking themselves the question…who next?

“And I’m afraid that the lack of cohesion, the infighting and occasionally the sheer stupidity from those who think we could remove a sitting Prime Minister, who secured a higher percentage of the vote share than Tony Blair did in 1997, just three short years ago.

“That they could do that and the public would let us get away with it. I’m afraid it’s this behaviour I now just have to remove myself from.”

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