Biden Vetoes Repeal Of Tariffs Moratorium On Solar Imports From Southeast Asia

President Joe Biden has vetoed House Resolution 39 to overturn a two-year moratorium on solar tariffs from Southeast Asia.

Waiving the moratorium on solar tariffs imposed on equipment produced in Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam would have jeopardized the momentum the U.S. solar industry is building, Biden said in a stataement explaining his decision to veto the resolution.

Biden said that since he took office, 51 new and expanded solar equipment manufacturing plants have been announced, and the United States is now on track to increase domestic solar panel manufacturing capacity eight-fold.

Biden said he vetoed H.J. Resolution 39 because he cannot afford to create new uncertainty for American businesses and workers in the solar industry. “We can and must strengthen our energy security by maintaining our focus on expanding U.S. capacity that is ready to come on line as this temporary bridge concludes in June 2024,” he added.

Industry stakeholders and trade groups have welcomed Biden’s action.

The American Clean Power Association applauded the President for standing up for American workers by vetoing this “misguided, job-killing legislation”. “Our nation’s solar industry has already announced billions of dollars in investments focused on building a strong and resilient domestic solar supply chain. The imposition of punitive retroactive tariffs – which would have been borne by U.S. companies and workers – would have jeopardized those investments, hurt American workers, and increased costs for American families,” ACP CEO Jason Grumet said in a statement.

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