‘Bomb convoy’ of nuclear warheads travels 300 miles across UK on busy motorway

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A British Army "bomb convoy" has been pictured moving "probably" four nuclear warheads the length of the UK, from Berkshire to Scotland.

The row of specialist vehicles was pictured on the M74 northbound around 30 miles south of Glasgow and shared online on Tuesday, July 26.

It was most of the way through its journey from Aldermaston in Berkshire to Coulport on the West coast of Scotland.

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"Yet another UK nuclear bomb convoy has made a two-day journey from Aldermaston/Burghfield to Coulport on Loch Long. Each truck is probably carrying two warheads," tweeted the Twitter profile Nuke Watch.

The organisation tweeted the information because they "believe that communities potentially affected by the convoys should be aware of their existence and the risks they pose".

The snap of the lightly-guarded convoy showed that it was nine miles south of Cairn Lodge, a food stop near the village of Douglas in South Lanarkshire.

The convoy, believed to have completed its journey before the picture was published, looked to have been joined by a single police van, creating concern among some Twitter users.

"I would've expected more protection than a police van," wrote one man, who was assured that there were other support vehicles out of shot.

Inevitably, Russia was brought into the conversation. One Twitter user wrote: "China quadrupling their warheads, Russia doubling at least. I would call this preparation, but no nukes would be better."

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"What shall we use when a lunatic dictator attacks us, feather dusters? These things have to get to where they're needed," another asked.

However, the transportation of warheads across the UK is regular, on this route included.

The organisation tweets the movements of the armoury in the public interest, and also through fear that the cargo might explode, releasing cancer-causing particles.

They write on their site: "In a serious accident a circle some 600 yards in radius would be affected by blast and fragments of explosives.

"Even more problematic than the explosion itself would be its effect in dispersing alpha emitting plutonium and uranium particles down wind for miles.

"Alpha particles emitted by plutonium are not a serious risk if they remain outside the body, but if particles are ingested or inhaled they can cause cancer."

In March, a military convoy with "up to six" nuclear warheads drove through the UK with locals blissfully unaware the terrifying weapons were passing.


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