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In a bold move, OpenAI’s board proposed a game-changing merger with Anthropic, eyeing Dario Amodei for the top role. But Amodei stays true to his vision at Anthropic, turning down the offer. A momentous decision in the AI world! What’s next? Reportedly, Anthropic has investments from Microsoft’s rival Google. So, what’s happening with the tech rivalries? In all the midst, where do we see FTX sailing? It feels like Silicon Valley just dropped a new season. Let’s Explore. 

Why OpenAI Exploring Merger with the Rivals? 

OpenAI, following the departure of CEO Sam Altman, is reportedly exploring a merger with Anthropic, its competitor in the AI domain. According to the Information, the board contacted Anthropic’s CEO, Dario Amodei, proposing a potential merger and inviting Amodei to take the helm at OpenAI. However, Amodei declined the offer and remained committed to Anthropic’s growth.

This development arrives amidst significant shifts in the AI landscape, with a notable influx of OpenAI staff expressing interest in joining Altman’s new team at Microsoft. Meanwhile, Anthropic, backed by substantial investments from tech giants like Google and Amazon, recently secured $2 billion in funding. This funding round positions Anthropic for a valuation between $20 to $30 billion, showcasing its growth trajectory.

Interestingly, the story intertwines with FTX, which had invested a substantial $500 million in Anthropic before facing bankruptcy in November 2022. The value of FTX’s investment in Anthropic could potentially yield stakes in the range of $3 to $4.5 billion, paving the way for a complete recovery for FTX customers affected by the bankruptcy.

However, it may affect FTX’s ongoing bankruptcy proceedings. Indeed, the timeline for FTX’s divestment from Anthropic is linked to Anthropic’s growth and potential public offerings, and it remains uncertain, pending significant developments or unique events. This merger exploration and the valuation surge of Anthropic could potentially reshape both the AI and cryptocurrency landscapes shortly.

Crypto Impact

Cryptocurrency markets showed mixed trends today as Bitcoin and Ethereum posted modest gains of 0.88% and 0.73%, respectively. Meanwhile, BNB surged by 6.96%, while XRP declined by 1.42%. Solana saw a 6.54% drop, and meme coins Dogecoin and Shiba Inu faced declines of 3.81% and 2.45%, respectively. Overall, the market signaled a varied recovery after recent fluctuations. 

It will be interesting to see how far tech titans compete. FTX may benefit from the merger in every case.

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