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  • Digital Currency Group (DCG) sells Shares of Investment Vehicles Run by Grayscale to Raise Funds.

  • DCG is Trying to Repay Over $3bn to its Creditors and Also Looking to Sell CoinDesk and Venture Portfolio

Digital Currency Group (DCG), a crypto conglomerate backed by SoftBank, is selling shares in several of its investment vehicles run by subsidiary Grayscale. The move is a response to the financial difficulties the company is facing as it attempts to raise funds to pay back creditors of its bankrupt lending arm, Genesis. Connecticut-based DCG, which was founded in 2015, is one of the largest and oldest investors in cryptocurrencies and is backed by investors including SoftBank, CapitalG, and GIC.

Grayscale a Key Source of Income for DCG

Grayscale, which is DCG’s asset management business, is a crucial source of income for the company, earning hundreds of millions of dollars each year in fees for managing pools of cryptocurrencies in funds that can be purchased by investors.

Despite the shares in one of the largest trusts trading at a significant discount to the underlying value of cryptocurrencies, DCG is selling stakes to raise money after the lending units of Genesis filed for bankruptcy in January.

The company has been trying to repay over $3bn to its creditors and is also looking to sell CoinDesk, its trade news site, as well as some of its $500mn venture portfolio. In recent share sales, DCG has focused on its Ethereum Fund, selling around 25% of its stock to raise as much as $22mn since January 24. The shares are being sold at $8 each, despite each share representing $16 of ether.

Grayscale Management Fees a Significant Income Source

Grayscale’s 2.5% management fee on the 3 million ether in the trust equates to $209mn annually, while its flagship Bitcoin Trust, which holds 3% of all Bitcoin, worth $14.7bn, earned $303mn in fees in the first nine months of 2022. DCG has also started selling down smaller blocks of shares in its Litecoin Trust, Bitcoin Cash Trust, Ethereum Classic Trust, and Digital Large Cap Fund.

In a nutshell

In conclusion, Digital Currency Group (DCG) is experiencing financial difficulties and is selling shares in some of its investment vehicles managed by its subsidiary Grayscale. This is a response to these difficulties and a move to raise funds to repay creditors of its bankrupt lending arm, Genesis.

Grayscale has been a significant source of income for DCG, generating millions of dollars in management fees each year. The company is also considering the sale of CoinDesk and some of its venture portfolio. DCG has recently been selling shares in the Ethereum Fund and gradually reducing its stake in other trusts and funds.

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