Rescue for tourist stranded after expiry date nightmare – The Crusader

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Over the past couple of years Trevor Saunders, a 76-year-old who is not in the best of health, had got into the pleasant habit of spending 90 days in the Canary Islands and then 90 back at base in Wiltshire. 

But this time what Trevor had not checked was his passport which he then discovered had expired, obliging him to reapply then join the queue for a new one.

Although a hassle and his own fault, it was something he could cope with, unlike the next blow which was when his bank card expired too leaving him in a very tight corner. 

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While the likelihood was a new one was waiting for him at home, as he lives alone and with no one else having access to his house to check the mail and send it to him, that was a non-starter.

A Halifax customer for more than 30 years, that untroubled run had left him unfamiliar with the tighter anti-fraud checks operating throughout financial services these days. 

In a terrible panic as his cash reserves shrank, he contacted Crusader, explaining: “Halifax explained that because of their strict security I would have to visit my branch and identify myself in person.

“I can’t do that, but I did send the branch medical and pension evidence and proof of my old passport. The branch did everything they could but security rules would not allow it so I can’t access any of my money and I will also need to buy more medication soon.”

We could see – for good reason – Trevor continue to be blocked at every turn so we asked Halifax if it could help its customer in an especially difficult situation.   

After more checks and a personal telephone call, a Halifax spokesperson confirmed a mightily relieved Trevor was off the hook.

“We were sorry to hear of the situation our customer found himself in,” said the bank.  

“While we took the correct steps to secure his bank account after he initially failed our security checks, we’re pleased to have found a solution that allows him to access his money again.”

[Trevor’s name has been changed]

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