‘Healthy’ woman diagnosed with dementia due to home’s hidden mould infestation

A "perfectly healthy" woman has been diagnosed with dementia and it is believed to be due to a secret mould infestation inside of her home.

Amie Skilton, 37, found she couldn't remember her own name after falling ill just a few months after she and her husband moved into a new flat in Manly, New South Wales.

Their Australian-based flat was filled with faulty waterproofing in their shower, leading to constant leaks underneath their carpet.

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Those leaks are believed to have caused the onset of Amie's health problems with the couple unaware at the time of just how serious a leak they had on their hands.

Naturopath and nutritionist Amie, now 42, had started feeling unwell just two months after moving into the property, before genetic vulnerability caused a "systematic breakdown" of her body.

The prolonged exposure to the mould had a knock-on effect for Amie, who had noticed chronic allergies, bad fatigue and 10kg of weight gain "out of nowhere".

Over the few months that followed, it began to have an effect on her brain functions too, with a neurologist diagnosing her with inhalational Alzheimer's.

Amie said: "Some days I couldn’t figure out how to get dressed. I would look at clothes and I just be really confused as to like how to put them on."

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But the worst of her symptoms came when she forgot her own name, something Amie feels was "deeply personal".

She added: "I went to fill out a form one day and I was staring at the box that said my name and I was like what is it again?"

Five years on from her horrifying experience, which Skilton claims was the fault of the real estate company, who "knew it and it was poisoning us", and the 42-year-old has regained her brain functions.

She and her husband have since moved to a new home and Skilton is now a qualified Mould Testing Technician, The Mirror reported.

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