What’s Putin planning? Russia sends warships and jets to Arctic for top-secret military op

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Russian strategic bombers and anti-submarine frigates have been sent to the Arctic for a sabre-rattling military drill. Two Russian Tu-95MS strategic bombers performed flight over the Arctic and the Far East. The bombers were escorted by US Air Force F-22 fighter jets.

The Russian Navy also sent a missile frigate to the Artic to perform anti-submarine warfare drills.

The Russian Northern Fleet said: “Today the crew of the Northern Fleet’s frigate Fleet Admiral Kasatonov started practicing assignments of anti-submarine warfare drills in the Barents Sea.

“This is in compliance with the Fleet’s combat training plans for the summer training period.

“The sailors will accomplish a set of missions to search for, maintain contact and track a notional enemy’s submarine with the help of the onboard sonar equipment.

“At the final stage of the drills, live-fire exercises with the anti-submarine warfare armament will be carried out.”

The Russian Navy is set to carry out drills with its advanced Project 22350 frigates.

These frigates are expected to become the Russian Navy’s most advanced warships in their class.

The frigates are armed with Oniks and Kalibr missiles and Poliment-Redut air defense missile systems.

The naval drills in the Arctic also involved several Russian submarines.

The drills tested the Northern Fleet’s new naval aviation equipment.

In the eastern Arctic, the North American Aerospace Defense Command, NORAD, reported on Tuesday that US Air Force fighter aircraft intercepted two Russian Tu-95 bombers in the Artic.

The US jets then escorted the two Su-35 fighters near Alaska.

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NORAD stated the Rusian bombers stayed in international airspace.

On Tuesday Russia’s Defence Ministry released their own statement of the incident.

They reported: “Two Tu-95MS strategic missile-carrying bombers of long-range aviation performed a scheduled flight in the airspace over the neutral waters of the Chukchi, Beaufort, Bering and Okhotsk Seas.

“The flight lasted about 12 hours.”

The Russian Defence Ministry added: “The aircraft of Russia’s Aerospace Force perform all the flights in strict compliance with the international rules of using the airspace.”

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