22% of Trump supporters said he should NOT be 2024 nominee: Poll

Almost a quarter of Donald Trump supporters said he should NOT be the 2024 Republican nominee if convicted of a crime in poll before Colorado disqualification

  • A new survey shows 22% of 2020 Trump voters don’t think he should be the nominee if he is convicted of a crime
  • Trump is facing 91 felony charges, but has yet to be convicted
  • Pollsters say Trump is ‘more likely’ to beat Biden in 2024 after Colorado Supreme Court ruling that will keep him off the ballot in 2024

Nearly a quarter of those who voted for Donald Trump in 2020 say that if he is convicted of a crime, he should not be the 2024 Republican presidential nominee.

The poll, released on Wednesday, was taken before the Colorado Supreme Court’s Tuesday decision that disqualifies Trump from running in the presidential primary election in the state.

Trump is facing 91 felony charges in Washington D.C., New York, Georgia and Florida.

He has not yet been convicted of the crimes he stands accused of, but at least 22 percent of those surveyed in the New York Times/Siena College poll say that it could determine whether they think he should still be the nominee in 2024.

Twenty-eight percent of Republicans surveyed don’t think Trump should be on the ballot if convicted, while 62 percent of Democrats and 41 percent of independents feel the same.

Additionally, a surprising 20 percent of self-identified Trump supporters say that Trump should be put in prison if convicted in the federal case in Washington.

Another 23 percent say they believe that he has committed ‘serious federal crimes,’ which is up from 11 percent who said so in a July polling.

A poll taken December 10-14 shows 22% of people who voted for Donald Trump in 2020 don’t think he should be the Republican nominee in 2024 if he is convicted of a crime

The same Wednesday poll, conducted December 10-14, shows Trump beating President Joe Biden in a 46-44 percent vote if a hypothetical reelection matchup were held today.

All of this, however, might be impacted by the fact that the Colorado Supreme Court has now decided that Trump cannot appear on the state’s primary ballot, claiming that he violated 14th Amendment.

Clause 3 states that a person cannot serve in public office if they participate in an insurrection, which the Colorado court claims Trump did due to his role in enticing supporters to riot at the Capitol Building on January 6, 2021.

Critics of the ruling claim, however, that the clause does not specific note that a person cannot run for president, although it does mention almost every other public office position.

Some speculate that courts in other states will use this precedent as argument to decide to boot Trump from their ballots, as well.

Since the ruling was just handed down on Tuesday, no polls have been taken so far to indicate how it will impact the former president, but most pollsters and strategists suggest he will only see a boost in polling figures due to the continue targeting.

The poll was released the day after the Colorado Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday to disqualify Trump from appearing on the state’s presidential ballot

‘Every time Trump has [h]ad an adverse engagement with the legal system, it has been like rocket fuel with Republican voters because it reinforces his core message that he is (and has been) unfairly treated since the moment he burst on to the scene,’ Republican strategist Scott Jennings said in a statement to DailyMail.com.

‘Republicans see this in the same way they saw two impeachments, the indictments, the Russia investigation, and all the rest – just another attempt by the elites and the Democrats to stop Trump and his voters from getting a fair shake in an election,’ he added in lining up with Luntz’s take on the latest ruling.

‘For Trump haters, this is like getting drunk at your office Christmas Party,’ Jennings said. ‘It may seem like fun tonight, but you will really, really regret it tomorrow.’

Well-known pollster and political consultant Frank Luntz said in an interview Tuesday that the Colorado ruling will have ‘the same impact as his 91 indictments,’ which saw Trump’s poll numbers jump.

‘Trump is now even more likely to beat Biden,’ he predicted in the interview.

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