Weather maps show snow to blast UK as BBC’s forecast hints at big freeze

Heavy snow and sub-zero temperatures currently have a grip on much of the UK and it could last another two weeks, according to new weather maps.

A long-range forecast from the BBC's weather experts shows the icy weather system will be back in two weeks time as “rain, sleet and snow showers” are set to batter the country from March 20.

And it could last into early April, too.

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They state: “From late March into early April, high pressure is most likely to persist to the north of the UK, while Atlantic low pressure systems continue to try to push against that, maintaining the struggle between cold and mild air.

“High pressure could be influential enough to give drier-than-average conditions across the northern UK, especially Scotland, although rain, sleet and snow showers will still be possible at times.

“The most unsettled weather is most likely to be across the southern half of the UK with occasional wet and windy conditions as those lows try to move in.

“Temperatures will probably be near seasonal but potentially a little colder in the north and milder in the south.”
Although the grim weather reports make for some sobering reading for anyone hoping that the bad weather was going to be largely behind us, they do go on to state that “extreme departures from normal are unlikely”.

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According to weather charts produced by WX Charts – produced by the Met Desk, not the Met Office – the snow will return officially on March 19.

Large parts of the UK are currently under either Amber or Yellow weather warnings, with two of the coldest nights since 2010 recorded.

The coldest March temperature ever recorded was on March 14, 1958 when it reached a shockingly cold low of -22.8C.

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This happened at Logie Coldstone in Aberdeenshire.

However, earlier this week, on Monday (March 6), it did drop to -15C in the Highlands, which was beaten just 24 hours later in Altnaharra.

The temperature there was recorded as low as -16c, the coldest March nights since 2010 when the mercury recorded -18.6C in Braemar.

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