Weather forecast today – FLOOD warnings as temperatures PLUMMET thanks to Greenland 'cold-bubble' bringing 1C frost

FLOOD warnings are in place as Britain's miserable start to November continued.

Katharine Smith, Flood Duty Manager at the Environment Agency, said: "There is also a chance of renewed localised river and surface water flooding on roads and land in the north of England as a result of more rain.

"We are ready to respond where needed, as well as offering practical assistance and advice to local authorities leading on responses to surface water flooding incidents," she added.

The news comes as Brits face more miserable weather today, with a "cold-bubble" set to bring 75mph winds as November's wet conditions continue.

The UK awoke to a 1C frost this morning after 79mph Storm Aiden and ex-Hurricane Zeta capped one of the wettest Octobers on record.

Snow is forecast on hills in the North, the Met Office says.

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  • Claudia Aoraha


    Fields were flooded in Earith in Cambridgeshire this morning after the River Delph burst its banks following heavy rain brought across by Hurricane Zeta.

    The wet weather is set to continue over the coming week.

  • Claudia Aoraha


    The first widespread frost of the season will be seen across England and Wales tonight, BBC Weather has reported.

    Ahead of the looming second lockdown and the US election, the weather in Britain has plummeted with minus numbers expected early Wednesday morning.

    In Wales, temperatures will hit as low as -1C, bringing a morning frost as we wake up.

  • John Hall


    Today's windy weather has been ideal for kite surfers on the St Annes costline in Lancashire.

  • John Hall


    The Met Office said that it will be a showery day today, with some sunny spells.

    It said: “Sunny spells and showers is the order of the day for Tuesday.

    “Showers will be most frequent in the west and it will feel quite cold in the wind.”

  • John Hall


    A 1,000-mile wide “cold bubble” will move in from Greenland, lowering temperatures across the country and potentially bringing snow to northern areas

  • John Hall


    Showers will be most request in the west of the UK.

  • John Hall


    Patchy clouds will clear by tonight and clear skies will remain for the remainder of the night.

    The weather will stay dry with gentle winds and feeling cool.

    Across the UK the odd patch of mist or fog may form in the early hours of tomorrow.

  • John Hall


    The 128m vessel, Britain’s biggest shipbuilding project in 30 years, will enable scientists to study polar environments for longer. 

    But its British Antarctic Survey operators said: “The ship was certified to sail last Wednesday. 

    “The weather in Liverpool and Holyhead has not been suitable to start sea trials.”

  • John Hall


    The £200million ship dubbed Boaty McBoatface was unable to leave its UK port — because of a bit of a breeze.

    The polar explorer, officially called RSS Sir David Attenborough, was built to withstand extreme conditions in Antarctica and the Arctic.

    But unsuitable weather in Merseyside aborted a planned move from the Cruise Liverpool terminal to Holyhead.

    The 15,000-ton ship is two years behind schedule after a string of delays. Jokers voted to call it Boaty McBoatface in a poll, but this was vetoed.

  • John Hall


    Nearly four inches of rain fell also in North-West England during Sunday. The average for the whole month of November is 10 inches.

    A local farmer helped pull some of the stricken cars to safety.

    Flooding also hit parts of North Yorkshire.

    In Cornwall, two people were pulled from water after being swept off a harbour wall.

  • John Hall


    Cars were submerged after a month's worth of rain fell in 24 hours as the tail-end of Hurricane Zeta tail hits Britain.

    Up to 50 vehicles in Wetherby, West Yorkshire, were swamped as the River Wharfe breached as Zeta brought heavy winds and rain which struck southern United States. Owner Sarah Brett, 54, said: “I popped into town to do some pre-lockdown shopping and came back to find my Mini full of water.

    “I was very lucky that the engine managed to start and I could drive it out, but the inside is soaking wet.I can’t understand why the council didn't have the foresight to close the car park if they knew the Wharfe was going to flood.”

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