My landlord upped my rent by £1,400 a month before karma struck – now he’ll have to pay a huge repair bill | The Sun

A TENANT says she hopes her landlord "has to make a lot of expensive repairs" after upping her rent as floods swept through her apartment building.

TikTok user Megan Bowen joked her life was "a sitcom" ever since her rent skyrocketed to $4,000 (£3,300) a month.

In a viral video which has been viewed nearly 200,000 times, Megan asked her followers to follow her down into the laundry room of her New York City apartment building.

She stopped at the bottom of the stairs, where there was a pool of water, and asked: "What's this?"

In answer to her own question, she shouted: "A flood!"

Megan jumped up and down, causing a splash, and collapsed in a fit of laughter.

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Some of her followers also saw the humour in the situation, with one writing: "4000 a month AND it comes with an indoor pool. You scored!"

Another said: "They installed a pool to justify the rent increase, obvi."

Megan replied: "that's so sweet of them 🙂 just in time for the winter!!!!"

Others expressed concern and shock at Megan's situation.

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One person wrote: "I could pay my mortgage on my 2600 sq ft house 2.5x for $4k."

And another: "Try to negotiate and check nyc housing laws to make sure this is legal."

One follower noted, "in the apartment's defence", she had heard the whole of New York City was flooded.

She added: "$4k is INSANE tho."

Megan responded: "hope my landlord has to make a lot of expensive repairs."

Heavy rain in New York City is causing flooding of streets and low-lying areas, including basements, according to New York Emergency.

Residents have been warned they may need to move to higher ground at short notice.

The video is just one in a series of clips shared by Megan which exposes all of the negatives of her £3,300-a-month apartment.

In another clip, she showed her followers her "rooftop view" of a "little slice of manhattan", which was a concrete mess with the city barely visible over the tops of surrounding buildings.

One person said: "your rooftop looks like every other rooftop scene in an NY cop show, where the dude inevitable falls/throws someone off."

Other videos showed off the property's "landscaping" and Megan's "luxury bedroom"- overflowing garbage bins and a bedroom the size of a large closet.

Meanwhile, in Brighton, a couple was forced to leave their home of four years after their landlord hiked up the rent by 12 per cent.

The pair said they responded to their landlord with concerns and were served a Section 21 notice, meaning they had two months to vacate the property.

A tearful Daisy said: "It's very upsetting, because it's a situation in which you are powerless and there is very little I can do to stay in this place I have lived in for the last four years and has become my home.

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Another renter, a single mum with two kids, was evicted from her place of residence after her landlord hiked up the rent by £225 a month.

Laura Hayton had been renting her house for six years when she was told in December her rent would increase by 20 per cent.

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