Terrifying great white shark terrorises Brit as horror underwater video captures beast

Sarah Fretwell was just moments away from the snapping jaws of the beast while in a cage underwater. Surrounded by the apex predators in the Neptune Islands, off the coast of South Australia, Ms Fretwell filmed the experience in earnest.

The diver managed to capture the moment the creature sped towards floating bait above her head – but missed.

The miscalculation led to the mega-fish lunging toward her cage in a moment of pure adrenaline.

In the clip, three sharks can be seen swimming around in the murky water.

Although, none of the predators are anywhere near the cage where Ms Fretwell floats inside filming with her GoPro.

One shark can be seen swimming with its jaws open wide, quickly disappearing into the ocean’s shadows.

Others hit the waters surface as divers dip pieces of bait in before snatching them back out.

In the most exhilarating clip, the great white misses the piece of bait placed inside the water, making a sharp turn towards the cage.

It quickly returns to its normal route, but not before giving Ms Fretwell a run for her money.

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Ms Fretwell, a British powerlifter, said the close encounter was the “best experience”.

In an Instagram post that featured the video, she wrote: “Monday…thought I’d pop down to SA to say hello to Bruce and 2 of his mates.

“Yes 3 sharks! The BEST experience ever!!! Here’s some of the best bits I captured from the GoPro.”

In a separate incident, a great white shark was spotted in Brunswick, Canada near Green’s Point Lighthouse by tourists on a boat.


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One onlooker managed to capture the great white shark on camera when its dorsal fin violently slashed through the water.

The tourists on the boat were on a whale watching tour at the time when they witnessed the attack.

The whale watchers could be heard screaming as the huge great white tore a helpless seal apart.

One of the onlookers could even be heard crying as the boat continued on its journey.

At the start of its attack, not much can be seen as the majority of the struggle took place under water.

However, the shark’s trademark dorsal fin could be seen above the water as the seal began to thrash about in distress.

As the seal became more helpless, the ocean turned crimson as it bled out.

The great white then seized the opportunity to accelerate its attack and finish off the seal.

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