Suge Knight's son whose dad was in car when Tupac Shakur was killed says more revelations about fateful night to emerge | The Sun

SUGE Knight's son has said more revelations will come out in the Tupac Shakur murder case that will change the "perspective of the world."

Suge J Knight, whose dad was in the car with Tupac when he was fatally shot 27 years ago, told The U.S. Sun that he was "pleased" justice was finally being pursued following the arrest of Duane "Keefe D" Davis over the rapper's murder.

When asked if more details are likely to come out on the case over the next few months, Suge revealed: "For sure, it's gonna change the perspective of the world pretty soon."

Suge says he regularly speaks to his dad, legendary Death Row Records boss Marion Hugh "Suge" Knight, at Richard J Donovan Prison in San Diego as he serves a 28-year sentence for a 2015 fatal hit and run.

In an exclusive interview, the younger Suge told The U.S. Sun that he believes there is much more that the public does not know about Tupac's murder.

He said: "[The Tupac story] was told from only one perspective, you know, and not everybody was agreeing with that perspective that was told.

"A lot of these stories are told from people that were around people that were around it … not people that were directly there – like Suge, my father…

“The rest… I can't name all the guys, but I know for a fact that people who were really there, they don't really speak about it because it's just something that maybe the world is not ready for."

Suge Knight was driving Tupac near the Las Vegas Strip on September 7, 1996 when they were both shot in a drive-by attack.

Tupac suffered fatal injuries and died a few days later while Suge survived.

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Detectives appeared to make no progress in the case for 27 years until September of this year, when self-confessed drug kingpin Keefe D – sometimes spelled Keffe D – was arrested and charged with murder. He has pleaded not guilty and faces trial next June.

When asked about his thoughts on the case, Suge J Knight said: "I think he [Tupac] should definitely get his justice.

"I really don't speak too much on that subject, because I'm a pretty young person compared to that whole generation.

"However, just for the justice part, of course, I will want to see justice happen for Tupac, the Shakur family, even for the Knights."


And when asked his thoughts on Keefe D, who has made several confessions to his part in the murder on social media and in his memoir, Suge is philosophical.

"Personally, I think things happen for a reason, you know, if he [Keefe] didn't speak, we probably wouldn't have justice," he said.

"So it was just, you know, the natural course.

"That's how things work out. It may take forever for justice to come. But it's going to come.

"I can't really speak on Keefe – I don't know that guy. Those guys are like super, super OGs to me."


Suge said he is wary of talking about Tupac after a post he made back in 2018 where he said: "Tupac is alive….he never left us."

He said that while the post was purely marketing related to some of Tupac's unreleased music, it went viral and fueled conspiracy theories that the rapper had somehow faked his own death and was still alive.

"I just don't really speak too much about Tupac, because I know I said a few things in the past that made people think ‘Oh, he's alive’ and stuff like that," Suge said.

"It was just unreleased music….I don't want to say too much with the whole marketing rollout…the whole goal was to bring the West Coast back and give the people what they wanted.

“So it was just going back and forth with my dad and his plan. You know, I just do my role, and then I pitch it. You know, he's my dad but he's like the big boss too.”


Suge said his father told him Tupac was actually his godfather and he wants to keep the rapper's legacy alive.

"My father told me he was my godfather, so I'm pretty sure they had a really solid connection…

"There's pictures of me with them, but I'm pretty sure they're like they got stolen or are in some storage," he said.

"Other than that, I don't really know too much. I just know I want to keep the legacy positive and alive, cause I know they put in a lot of work.

I don't think there was an East Coast-West Coast beef. I think it was just two Americans that made some dope music that touched everybody across the world.

"My father was one of the greatest CEOs on the West Coast and Tupac was one of the greatest artists to come from the East Coast to the West Coast and bring us a great thing.

"I don't think there was an East Coast-West Coast beef. I think it was just two Americans that made some dope music that touched everybody across the world."

Dad-of-two Suge currently runs his own record label, OverKnight Entertainment, and works as a real estate agent in Beverly Hills.

His label has worked with artists as diverse as Guns N Roses and One Direction and is currently looking for new artists, who he invites to contact him through Instagram.


"Even though I’m known as a real estate agent in Beverly Hills, I work with the largest merchandise companies in the music industry," he said.

"I’m currently looking for new bands and artists for 2024. I worked with bands like Guns N’ Roses, Iron Maiden, Ghost, and One Direction.

“OverKnight Entertainment is a record label, slash distribution.

“So right now, we’re recruiting artists. We help if they want to distribute the music on digital stream platforms. We help with development.

"And we're also one of the ones that's actually helping artists with their merchandise, because that is another lane for artists.

"So OverKnight Entertainment is just a place where people want to develop, create their music, create their merchandise, and then take it to the next level."


He says while he is eager to forge his own path in the industry, it has been difficult amid the legacy of his father's legendary record label Death Row.

“It's something that has brought its own challenges," Suge said.

"Of course I see my dad do his thing with Death Row and all that.

"But music has always been my background. When I was going to Fisk University, I started a label called Dorm Life and it became OverKnight Entertainment, because you know Suge Knight is still Death Row.

"You know the legends of Death Row are still Death Row. Suge J Knight is OverKnight Entertainment, and that's the new legacy that's coming up.

"I'm doing my own thing."

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