School guidance counselor, 35, charged with repeatedly raping boy, 14

Pennsylvania School guidance counselor, Kelly Schutte, is charged with repeatedly raping boy, 14, in car outside SUPERMARKET and in ‘victim’s’ bed

  • Kelly Ann Schutte was slapped with several charges pertaining to an alleged sexual relationship she had with a student 
  • The relationship is believed to have begun in the fall of 2022 following a field trip 
  • The minor’s mother informed authorities about the relationship when she found our her son had been kissed and touched inappropriately by the counselor 

A middle school counselor in southeastern Pennsylvania has been charged with  the alleged sexual assault of a student with encounters happening in her car, her home and the student’s own bedroom. 

According to the District Attorney, Bucks County middle school counselor Kelly Ann Schutte, 35, was charged last week with three counts of institutional sexual assault, as well as three counts of indecent assault of a person less than 16 years old and one count of corruption of minors.

According to court documents, the middle school student in question was, at the time of the alleged crimes, 14 years old.

Court documents allege the relationship between the pair began during a class field trip in the fall of 2022, during which Schutte sat next to the minor on the bus. 

Kelly Ann Schutte, 35, has been placed on administrative leave by a Pennsylvania middle school after being accused of engaging in an inappropriate sexual relationship with a minor

Filings revealed details of the ongoing, intimate ordeal between Schutte and the student, which was reported to 911 by the student’s mother, who told authorities when she learned that her son had been kissed and touched inappropriately by his high school counselor.

The student then admitted to having a romantic and sexual relationship with Schutte, which began in Schutte’s home.

Schutte would also allegedly call the student to her office during school hours, resulting in missed classes.

An affidavit goes on to reveal that the duo’s inappropriate relationship continued even when classes were dismissed for summer.

Through apps like Canvas and Snapchat, the two kept in touch.

Documents also revealed that the alleged sexual contact occurred in, among other places, Schutte’s car while parked outside of a local supermarket, her home, and even the student’s bedroom, while his family was away.

Schutte (left) with an unidentified male at the 2nd annual Pennridge South Middle School color run

The school in southeastern Pennsylvania was made aware of the allegations in July of this year and promptly placed Schutte on leave pending the outcome of the investigation

The Pennridge School District released a statement last week revealing that Schutte has been placed on administrative leave.

The statement said that the district has been aware of the allegations since July, which prompted the decision to place the counselor on immediate administrative leave pending the investigation’s outcome.

In response to the charges filed against Schutte, the school said: 

‘While we refrain from making premature judgments about the actions of the staff member facing prosecution, it is crucial to reiterate the district’s stance against any inappropriate contact between a Pennridge School District employee and a student. Such behavior will NOT be tolerated.’

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