Stunning drone pictures reveal green-fingered couple’s garden oasis

Step into the Four Seasons! Stunning drone pictures reveal green-fingered couple’s spectacular garden oasis after they spend 37 years and £15,000 giving it year-round appeal

  • The vibrant third of an acre plot is crammed with 450 azalea, 120 Japanese maples, 15 juniper blue stars
  • Tony and Marie Newton, 67, have spent 37 years and more than £15,000 transforming garden into an oasis 
  • The garden in Walsall, West Midlands, is nicknamed ‘four seasons’ on account of its year-round appeal 
  • Plants have exploded into colour ahead of their charity open weekend this Saturday and Sunday 18-19th May 

Stunning drone pictures reveal a couple’s spectacular ‘four seasons’ garden bursting with colour despite living in the heartlands of the industrial Black Country.

Tony and Marie Newton, both 67, have spent 37 years and more than £15,000 transforming their back garden and flowerbeds into a beautiful oasis.

Their garden in Walsall, West Midlands, is nicknamed ‘four seasons’ on account of its year-round appeal.

Exploding with vibrant colours, the third of an acre plot is crammed with 450 azalea, 120 Japanese maples, 15 juniper blue stars.

An aerial shot of the couple’s unique garden as it stands out from the rest boasting an incredible variety of plants in autumnal colours

Retired Tony & Marie Newton from Walsall, West Midlands, stand in their 4 Seasons Garden, which is filled with the joys of spring

The garden has exploded into colour ahead of their charity open weekend this Saturday and Sunday 18-19th May 2019

The green-fingered couple have created the oasis at their home despite it being in the industrial heartlands of the Black Country

The green-fingered couple, who have four grown-up children and four grandchildren, spend two hours a day lovingly maintaining the plants and bushes.

Marie, 71, started tending the garden in 1982 after she retired from her job as a transport planner and taught herself horticulture as a hobby.

They have won several awards, including winning the crown of Britain’s Best Garden.

Marie said: ‘There are over 3,000 plants in our garden, so many I can’t even count.

Marie and Tony Newton’s four seasons garden in 1982 at the beginning of its development, the plot is mainly lawn surrounded by tall trees

A view of the garden in 1992, slightly developed with two circular flowerbeds beginning to show the couple’s love of variety

Two years later in 1994 some progress landscaping with rocks added around the edge to give the garden a more natural look

Boasting 3,000 species the garden has attracted visitors from 28 countries around the world. The pair tend to the lawn, kept immaculately uniform

Bursting with vivid colours, the third of an acre garden boasts 140 Japanese maples, 20 ilex golden kings, 15 juniper blue stars and two huge Virginia creepers

The couple, Marie and Tony Newton, both 67, have spent 22 years transforming their back lawn and flowerbeds into a spectacular paradise, known as the ‘Four Seasons’ garden

‘It’s an all season garden so in autumn you see brilliant reds, oranges and yellows and in the spring the colours are equally as vivid and vibrant.

‘There will be azalea and acer leaves along with the evergreen conifers.

‘It has been very satisfying to use so many skills, and to have done every task ourselves.

‘All but two of all the plants in our garden have been planted by us.’

An aerial shot of the flower bed nook where a bench is hidden by a selection of vibrant plants, a topiary star can be seen in the right hand corner

The secret sitting area nestled among bluebells and bamboo plants in a fantasy like paradise full of the world’s plants 

Tending to a perfected lawn: Mowing the garden is just the tip of the iceberg on the list of jobs needed to maintain the space

The garden has become so popular the couple’s home has even made it onto several unofficial tourist trails in the Black Country.

Marie added: ‘We’ve had over 14,000 people from 48 different countries come and visit our garden over the years.

‘Some Chinese students came to visit our garden and told us that it was used as an example in one of the lectures.

While most people are satisfied with a few varieties of plants in a flower bed and somewhere to sit, Tony, a retired GP, and Marie did not stop there, transforming the space into their personal paradise and hobby

 The garden provides more than you would expect from a suburban space bordered by playing fields

Both spending two hours a day on the garden at least it is no wonder the fruitful hobby has cultivated into a masterpiece

At the mercy of the weather the couple keep an eye on the forecast looking out for frosts that could kill off vulnerable plants

The garden includes:

450 Azaleas

120 Japanese maple trees

15 Juniper blue stars

1 Virginia creeper

20 Ilex golden kings

65 Leylandii hedges

Chamaecyparis obtusa Nana

Aucuba Picturata

Photinia Red Robin

Acer platanoides ‘Crimson King’

Robina pseudoacacia Frisia

Five water features (including 55ft rocky stream)

300ft of pathways

‘We spend on average two hours a day in the garden but it can be more or less depending on the weather.

‘We have grown some of the flowers ourselves from the seeds that have dropped from the other flowers.

‘We thought we were behind this year but recently it just came back up.

‘There has been forecast recently that predicted frost which can do a lot of damage to the plants but we’ve had nothing but we put fleece on the plants just in case.

‘The garden just wakes up in May, it’s just incredible.’

Retired GP Tony added: ‘First we made it child friendly for our kids but as the years went by we moved on to planting and growing our own flowers and plants.

‘There has been a lot of trial and error to get the garden way it is now.

‘A lot of our plants are now 30 years old or more.

‘We’ve got a vast amount of colour and plants all year around. We try and add to the garden every year but at this time of year it is simply glorious.’

The garden includes 300ft of pathways leading you to five water features, including 55ft rocky stream with a bridge

Inspecting their glorious garden the couple say the hundreds of varieties are constantly changing making it hard to keep track of what is growing there

A topiary bunny hides among the exuberant shrubbery, yellow tulips and a path leading to a  Japanese style pagoda 

The Japanese style pagoda tucked away at the end of a garden path and surrounded with bamboo and other plants originating from Asia

An aerial view revealing how the couple have made the  most of the space, even including a small bridge feature as another oriental touch


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