Shoppers stunned by shop's cheeky Valentine's Day message after sign is left next to huge crate of cucumbers

SHOPPERS were stunned by a 'suggestive' Valentine's Day sign pointing them towards a huge crate of cucumbers.

The Woolworths supermarket in Australia directs romantic customers towards the veg for a 'Happy Valentine's Day'.

A pic of the inadvertently rude sign was shared on Instagram by JustAdelaideThings, alongside the comment: "The perfect Valentine's Day gift does exist, and it’s just $1 at Gawler Woolworths."

As a result, it's gone viral on social media and prompted multiple witty replies, including one labelling it as "the perfect gift".

“All the Single Ladies," suggested another.

"Woolies got me sorted," reckoned one hopeful shopper.

A particularly cheeky post described the cucumbers as "cheaper than silicone".

Some amused Australians dubbed the sign as “absolute gold”.

Going a step too far, though, were comments about the cucumbers being "wrapped for your own protection".

The supermarket is in the Adelaide suburb of Gawler, reports

It's not the first time shoppers have been amused by 'saucy' veg.

The Sun Online has previously published a hilarious series of pics showing rude aubergines, perky pears and even spuds which look like breasts.

And in the UK, a Morrisons shopper and his family were left "rolling around laughing" after finding a carrot shaped like a man exposing his massive penis inside a bag of veg.

Last year saw TV star Holly Willoughby looking away as This Morning viewers sent in their pictures of X-rated vegetables.

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