Russia on brink of igniting ‘fresh war in Balkans’ with threat of Bosnia intervention

Russia: Tensions in Bosnia explained

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Sky News correspondent Adam Parsons warned of “growing tensions” in Bosnia over the “threat of a Russian intervention” as Russia is growing its support among nationalists groups in the Balkan nation. Mr Parsons spoke to Vojin Pavlovic, head of the Eastern Association in Bosnia, who hit out at Wester countries as he drew parallels between NATO and the Third Reich, claiming “there will be no peace in this area as long as the international community represents and protects only one side”. 

Vojin Pavlovic told Mr Parsons: “NATO is a criminal organisation, I say this in all my public speeches.

“NATO can only be compared to the Third Reich, as a fascist organisation.

“I believe that there will be no peace in this area as long as the international community represents and defends and protects only one side.

“That one side is the side of the Muslims.”

East Sarajevo mayor Llubisa Cosic also told Mr Parsons: “We have a very very strong historical relations with Russians and we believe in Russians.

“Personally, I love Russians more than Americans”.

In light of the comments, Mr Parsons explained: “Nationalists are looking towards Russia for the future and many see the west as an enemy.”

He also noted nationalists such as Pavlovich have also embraced the atrocities of the Yugoslav Wars in the 1990s as an example to admire.

Referring to Pavlovic, he said: “In his mind, Srebrenica was not genocide and the man convicted for those war crime, Ratio Mladic, is a hero.

During the Srebrenica massacre, which happened in July 1995, over 8,000 Bosnian Muslim men and boys were killed.

The killings were carried out by units of the Bosnian Serb Army of Republic Srpska, under the control of Ratko Mladic.

Mr Parsons continued: “Ethic tensions ripped this country apart and now hints of the same menacing rhetoric.

“This is why what happened here is so important, the capital Sarajevo spent nearly four years under siege.

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“Now, if Bosnia falls apart that could spark a fresh war in the Balkans.

“Whether it’s physically or mentally, you can still see the scars of war everywhere in Bosnia.

“Peace has endured but at the moment it looks fragile and vulnerable.

“This is a nation that is weighed down by the violence of its own past, looming over this is the threat of Russian intervention with Moscow exerting ever more influence over the country.

“The past still frames the present here, the trauma never goes away.

“Bosnia faces the ghastly prospect that the next war could start before they finish burying the victims of the last one”.

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