Object former US president Donald Trump tried to hide in his new office

It doesn’t looks as if Donald Trump is looking to retire any time soon, as an image emerged overnight of his new office in his Florida pad for the first time.

Former senior White House adviser Stephen Miller took a picture of himself alongside the former president at Mar-a-Lago, revealing presidential keepsakes and clues about how Trump is spending his post-presidency life.

A pair of rarely-seen reading glasses and an opened copy of the Wall Street Journal sit in front of Trump on his desk, but some of those looking closely at the image noticed a conspicuous object behind the phone to the left of them.

Partially obscured behind a phone appears to be his favourite drink, a bottle of Diet Coke — despite Trump calling on supporters to boycott the drink and over Georgia voting rights.

Just days ago Trump called for a boycott of Major-league Baseball, Coke and Delta Airlines, who have all protested against the new restrictive voting rights law in the state of Georgia.

The new law, recently signed by Georgia’s Republican Governor Brian Kemp, includes new identification requirements for absentee ballots, limits the use of drop boxes and criminalises giving voters in line water or food — stoking fury from Democrats.

Although it appears Trump can’t go without the fizzy brown stuff, he has at least done away with the big red button that he used to summon his favoured low calorie beverage in the White House — unless he quickly stuffed it under the table before the picture was taken.

Journalists have described that during interviews with Trump he pushed the button while at his desk and a butler would brink him a Diet Coke on a silver platter.

Also visible on Trump’s new desk in Florida is a piece of the metal used to build the US-Mexico border wall that was made into a trophy and presented to him during an April 2019 visit to Calexico, California.

On a wall behind Trump is a photo of Mount Rushmore with its four presidents. Last year, he mused about adding a fifth face: his own.

The photo appears to show the Marine One presidential helicopter flying past the landmark — potentially last year when Trump headlined a Fourth of July fireworks show.

On a table over Trump’s shoulder is a small statue of Trump himself while another table holds family pictures.

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