NASA slammed for ignoring ‘alien abductions’ 50 years since fishermen ET horror

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    NASA has been slammed for ignoring “alien abductions” involving fishermen that happened 50 years ago.

    Last week, NASA boffins shocked the world by released a report about the existence of UFO /UAPs, and claimed that the existence of aliens was “plausible”. However, in the same report, they also claimed that all the evidence they had been using to either confirm or deny sightings wasn't detailed enough.

    Off the back of it, a new director was put in place so that the experts could try to study UFO/UAPs in more detail. But many researchers not employed by NASA were left baffled that the report did not include many of the famous alien sightings and encounters already widely publicised.

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    One of those happened in October, 1973, when two fishermen on the Pascagoula River, Mississippi caught more than just fish. Calvin Parker, 18 and 42-year-old Charles Hickson claimed that they had been abducted by aliens.

    The claims were ignored by NASA for many years, with letters written by Hickson claiming as much discovered in the 1980s – claims backed up by a NASA members of staff years later.

    Expert and UFO researcher Philip Mantle has now hit out at NASA for ignoring it in the next report. He told the Daily Star: “NASA have long claimed that they would readily look at any data that might provide evidence of alien life but here you have a NASA physicist asking them to conduct an investigation into this close encounter case and they were not interested.

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    “I was astonished to learn that a NASA physicist had shown interest in this case and had asked NASA to investigate it – I was not surprised that they declined.

    “One now has to consider NASA’s recent comments on the UAP topic and the ‘independent study’, the details of which will be made public shortly according to NASA Administrator Bill Nelson. “Surely we have to ask if NASA’s attitude has changed at all since 1973.

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    “Have they refused to investigate other encounters as part of their new UAP study? Who knows?"

    Philip has even said he'll serve up for them, all the information he thinks NASA needs to finally launch an investigation into the alleged 1973 abduction.

    “What I will say here and now is that I am prepared to let NASA make amends for not investigating this close encounter case when they had the chance in 1973 – I am willing to supply NASA with a copy of all of the data and information that we have accumulated that relates to the 1973 Pascagoula alien abduction case. Will they ignore it a second time?”

    The full story of the Pascagoula Alien Abduction is detailed in Philip's booked Beyond Reasonable Doubt, which is out now.

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