Scientists astounded as super rare terrifying ‘walking sharks’ finally spotted

Just a few days after finding out that scientists have been making zombie spider robots, it has now emerged that sharks have been spotted walking on land.

Videos have emerged of the Epaulette Shark – also known as the Hemiscyllium Ocellatum – dragging itself across a beach like a sea lion.

According to expert Forrest Galante, that specific breed of shark can walk on land, but is very rarely spotted doing so.

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This latest one was found in Papau New Guinea in May.

Conservationist and biologist Mr Galante said: “This is the first time in history one of the Papuan species of epaulettes has been documented walking.

“This is so incredible.

“All traits are selected for, when it allows, a species to survive better and eke out an environment where they're safe and can get food.

“But once they're done, they're trapped.

“What epaulettes have learned to do is climb up in the reef and plop themselves in the next tide pool.”

Thankfully, the land sharks are not thought to be dangerous to humans – so don't start running when you see one having a leisurely stroll along the beach.

The shark only eats worms, bony fish and crustaceans, with 90% of its diet actually consisting of just crabs.

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It normally only hunts at dawn and dusk, as a form of protection to itself, and is capable of, weirdly, sucking prey of any size into its mouth by expanding its muscular mouth cavity to whatever size it needs to.

They aren't exactly fearsome sea beasts, like the Great White Shark, as they only grow to around 25 inches in length at the age of around seven years old.

They have been known to nip at humans if they have been picked up without wanting to be – which seems pretty reasonable, to be honest.

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