Gaynor Lord missing LIVE:Divers continue river search on day seven

Gaynor Lord missing LIVE: Divers to continue river search on day seven as police say they have ‘some indications’ why she left work early and ex-detective says officers ‘know a lot more than they’re telling us’

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Police pictured searching Wensum Park early this morning

Police teams have been pictured searching Wensum Park this morning, where Gaynor Lord’s belongings, including clothing, two rings, a mobile phone and glasses, were found scattered.

Her coat was discovered in the River Wensum, which runs through the park.

Photos show officers scouring though the park grounds, trying to find anything which may help them discover Ms Lord’s whereabouts.

Police say they have 'some indications' as to why Gaynor Lord left work early

Police have said they have ‘some indications’ as to why Gaynor Lord left work an hour early before she want missing.

The mother, 55, disappeared after leaving work early in Norwich city centre at 2.45pm on December 8.

Chief Superintendent Dave Buckley said officers had ‘some indications’ of why Ms Lord left work more than hour before she was scheduled to finish.

Her belongings were found in Wensum Park – around 1.5 miles from her workplace at Jarrolds department store – and her coat was discovered in the river that runs through the park.

Police said Ms Lord’s clothing, mobile phone, glasses and jewellery, including two rings, were discovered at various locations in the park.

Chief Superintendent Dave Buckley said it will take ‘a couple of days’ or longer to complete the search of the stretch of river, which has included using sonar equipment.

‘It’s very, very challenging – the river is very, very full of water with all the rain, full of lots of debris. The divers can see about one foot in front of them,’ he said.

‘So it’s an extraordinarily challenging environment for them to work in.’

Mr Buckley said the force was keeping an open mind about what happened to Ms Lord but ‘everything we know is pointing to a high probability that Gaynor went into the water’.

Divers continue to search river for Gaynor Lord on seventh day

Police and divers are continuing to search the River Wensum for missing mother-of-three Gaynor Lord, as her family mark a week since her disappearance.

Photos from this morning show police surveying the water from a power boat near where a police tent is set up on the bank of the river in Norwich.

Officers said there is a ‘high probability’ that Ms Lord went into the River Wensum in Norwich, where a huge search is being conducted by specialist divers.

Police said they have not been able to establish her state of mind when she went missing with ‘any degree of confidence’.

It comes as a friend of Ms Lord said she was ‘upbeat and happy’ and talking about Christmas just days before she disappeared.

Julie Butcher said her friend seemed ‘fine’ when they last met on Tuesday last week.


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