Murdered teen's mum says killer's lenient jail time made her 'sick to her stomach' as sentence to be reviewed

THE heartbroken mum of a teen girl murdered by her uncle today said his jail sentence made her "sick to my stomach" as she launched an appeal.

Shane Mays, 30, was banged up for at least 25 years after battering Louse Smith, 16, to death with a log in a sexually-motivated murder.

Her distraught mum Rebecca Cooper has now launched an appeal against his sentence, which will be reviewed by top judges.

She told Portsmouth News: "I didn't know I could appeal but I have appealed.

"I think 25 (years) is disgusting. Nothing is good enough but the thought of… 25 years he could get out and do anything makes me feel sick to my stomach."

The Attorney General's Office confirmed Mays' sentence will be reviewed under being referred under the Unduly Lenient Sentence scheme.

Judges at the Court of Appeal could then add years to his jail term if his original sentence was found to be too soft.

The Attorney General's Office told The Sun Online: "The Solicitor General was shocked by this horrific attack and wishes to express his deepest sympathies to the victim's family.

"The Solicitor has referred the sentence of Shane Mays to the Court of Appeal under the Unduly Lenient Sentence (ULS) scheme as he considers it to be too low."

"Easily-led" Louise had been staying with her aunt CJ and her husband Mays in the two weeks leading up to her death after rowing with her mum.

At first the trio "got on" and Louise wrote in texts to CJ how she wanted to call the pair "mum and dad" and spoke of their "perfect family".

But jurors were told the relationship soured and Louise told a friend Mays was "flirting with her" and that she "hated" living with him.

A Snapchat video was also shown to jurors of Mays "tickling" Louise's feet.

The troubled teen had decided to move out of the one-bedroom flat in Havant and texted a family friend on May 7, saying: "I need your help".

Tragically, Louise had a sudden change of heart after floating the idea of moving with a social worker and ditched her plans to leave that night.

The next day as celebrations marking the 75th anniversary of VE Day rang out around the country, "utterly defenceless" Louise was lured to the woods.

Once there, Mays subjected her to "extreme violence and excruciating, overwhelming pain" as he inflicted "catastrophic" injuries.

The hulking 17-stone beast only stopped when he heard a "moaning" noise coming from the stricken teenager.

The teenager was discovered two weeks later burnt and "severely decomposed" with her jaw bone completely detached.

Some of her injuries were too gruesome to publish after Mays "violated" her with "breathtaking brutality".

After killing his niece, brazen Mays went to his mum's home and calmly drank Coke while complaining of stomach pains.

He also popped out for pizza as his wife frantically tried to locate missing Louise – knowing her mutilated body lay hidden in Havant Thicket, Hants.

"Predatory" Mays later admitted he repeatedly punched the aspiring veterinary nurse until he heard "cracks".

He was caged for life with a minimum of 25 years after being convicted of murder at Winchester Crown Court last month.

Sentencing, Mrs Justice May called the killing "especially grievous" and said Louise was "terribly murdered".

The judge added: "Louise had been grotesquely and cruelly injured, and her body defiled."

She continued: "The sudden death of any person is tragic but the death of a vulnerable child is particularly grievous, Louise had all her life before her.

"She had fun, she laughed, her life was not all bleak by any means, but her death was bleak, dreadfully so."

Louise's mum Rebecca previously slammed the "monster" ahead of the sentencing.

She said: "You have taken away a part of my heart away which will never be replaced.

"You killed my daughter Louise in such a traumatic way but then did what you did afterwards is beyond words – you are a monster – what gave you the right to do that?"

Rebecca added: "You came to my house the day you killed her, looked me in the eyes with no remorse when you knew what you had done was pure evil."

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