Mum of Brit who disappeared in Hamas festival attack reveals his death

Heartbroken mother announces the death of Brit, 26, who left UK ‘because he was worried about anti-Semitism’ and went missing during Hamas festival attack

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Jake Marlowe, the 26-year-old who went missing during the Hamas attack on the Nova music festival on Saturday, is dead, his heartbroken mother has revealed. 

Jake’s parents, Lisa and Michael. confirmed the news in a Facebook on Wednesday. 

They wrote: ‘We are heartbroken to have to inform you the crushing news that our son Jake has been confirmed dead in Southern Israel.

‘Repatriation plans are being put in to place, more information will follow.’

Jake had not been heard from since Saturday morning. He was working as part of a security team at the Nova trance music festival near Re’im, a village close to the border with Gaza in the south of Israel.

The last anyone heard from his was when he texted his mother to tell her that there were rockets flying overhead at the festival. 

Jake Marlowe (pictured) was working as part of the security team at Nova festival in Israel when he went missing

Jake’s mother Lisa (pictured, left) revealed the 26-year-old’s death on Wednesday

An hour before this text, she received a call from the young man, a Londoner who had moved to Israel two years ago. 

The Independent reported that in what is believed to be one of the last recordings of his voice, he told a friend in a voicenote that he and a friend of his were trying to get people to safety. 

‘Me and Shlomi are right by Gaza, bro,’ he said, according to a transcript of the voice message. 

‘We are seeing it in front of our eyes, we are rounding up the people from the party now, we are on an ATV [quad bike] and we are telling everyone to get the f*** outta there.’  

His best friend, Léa S., previously told MailOnline he had left the UK because of his worries about the rise of anti-Semitism.

Léa, a law student who met Jake three-and-a-half years ago, said: ‘Just before he went to live in Israel, he was really worried about the UK situation with the rise of anti-Semitism. 

‘He was thinking he should go to Israel because everything that was happening to him in the UK was a lot for him.’ 

Léa said she and her partner Daniel, both of whom were close with Jake, were worried about his safety because he was a ‘protective’ person who prioritised other people’s safety over his own. 

‘We were really worried, because we know that Jake is someone who is not scared to to give his life for another [person].’ 

She also revealed Jake’s partner, Shira, was unaware that he had gone missing until Saturday evening. 

Léa S. (pictured, left) exclusively told MailOnline that Jake left the UK two years ago for Israel over anxieties related to the rise of anti-Semitism

He had not been heard from since Saturday morning, when Hamas terrorists attacked the Nova festival

Shira was reportedly keeping Shabbat, a Jewish tradition of not working on rest days, in the north of Israel, far away from where Jake was working, and did not know about his disappearance until 6pm on Saturday evening. 

The news of Jake’s passing comes hours after it was revealed that up to 17 British nationals, including children, were either missing or dead amid Hamas’ surprise attack on Israel over the weekend. 

Two British men were previously confirmed to be among the hundreds of civilians slaughtered by Hamas terrorists, one of which – 20-year-old Nathanel Young – was serving in the Israeli army.

And British-born woman Savion Kiper, 30, was also confirmed dead after the Palestinian militant group opened fire on crowds in the Negev desert on Saturday. Her fiancé, Dor Shafir, is still missing.

Among the Britons killed by the terrorists is also Glaswegian Bernard Cowen, 57, who lived in Israel with his wife and two children. He was identified on Sunday by family members as having been ‘murdered in cold blood in his home’ by Hamas terrorists.

MailOnline has contacted the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office for comment. 

The Israeli Embassy in London declined to comment on Jake’s death.  

More to follow. 

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