Mia Khalifa stuns with ‘extreme close up’ in glam dress at Paris Fashion Week

Mia Khalifa has stunned crowds of fans while attending a Paris Fashion Week showcase in a near see-through dress.

The OnlyFans alumni detailed her trip on her Instagram story, showing a number of behind-the-scenes shots of the catwalk that featured in Paris this week.

Mia, 29, took to her Instagram story and regaled her millions of followers with the "dream" that was attending the Paris Fashion Show, where new outfits from a range of fashion brands were displayed.

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It wasn't just the clothing from the catwalk that people were interested in, but that of Mia's own outfit to the Off White portion of Paris Fashion Week.

The 29-year-old media personality showcased her own attire for the event and took to her Instagram story to display it.

Sharing a story post from Karla Otto, Mia was seen wearing a jacket over one arm in matching colours to that of her camouflage, near-see through purple dress.

Fans waiting outside the venue also snapped a handful of shots of the dress, which Mia shared to her Instagram story also, with one shot in particular delighting fans who managed to get up close and personal.

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The former Pornhub star shared a post from user "iamjoshlagon" who managed to get extremely close, with Mia saying fans will not "get a more close up shot" than the one featured there.

She wrote: "Don't think you'll get a more close up shot of the glam than that".

The post also showed off her makeup for the event, with the 29-year-old up close and personal with more than a handful of fans who spotted the star just as she was leaving her car.

Speaking of the event itself, Mia was full of praise for the night of Paris Fashion Week, calling it a "dream" and an "incredible show".

She posted to her Instagram story, writing: "Wow. Just being in this room is so surreal and such a dream. What an incredible show I'll never forget this night!

"Congratulations to the entire team on this collection and celebration!"

Her appearance at Paris Fashion Week should be no surprise, with Daily Star reporting her globe tour and the jetlag cure Mia relies on.

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