Weather: Bank holiday to hit 75F as Britain is basking

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Experts say the Azores High – which brought in this summer’s hot weather – is back again this bank holiday after spells of heavy rain during the week.

Temperatures are on course to peak at 75F (24C) in London, far below the recent 104F (40C) heatwave, though it will still be as warm as the Portuguese capital Lisbon.

Met Office presenter Aidan McGivern said: “The Azores area group of islands in the mid-Atlantic. Semipermanent high pressure sits here throughout much of the year.”

Hazard “But what’s been happening through this year so far and especially during the summer, is high pressure from the Azores keeps extending across the UK, hence the warm summer and the very dry summer that we’ve had. And that pattern repeats again this weekend.

But Mr McGivern said not everyone will enjoy glorious conditions.

He added: “There’s also an area of low pressure which will likely bring some wetter weather for a time, later Saturday into Sunday to the NorthWest, mainly Northern Ireland, western Scotland, and then clearing from the far north of Scotland during Monday.”

Rainfall could pose a hazard because of standing water.

Torrential downpours battered the UK this week, with one part of Essex seeing more than an inch of the wet stuff in just one hour.

But as of Wednesday, the UK had only 46 percent of the average total rainfall for August.

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