Melania Trump savaged by writer – “She’s no caped crusader for women’s rights”

Observer columnist and journalist, Catherine Bennet, savaged Melania Trump in a column for the paper after many people attempted to push the title of feminist onto the FLOTUS. Ms Bennett said the FLOTUS was far from a feminist, going as far as to say: “She’s still Donald’s fig leaf”.

She wrote: “The spectacle of Melania Trump at the Nato celebrations, inside an outfit that looked half papal, half gobstopper, was not the neatest fit with older, possibly inaccurate perceptions of pallid misery and a mutinous resolve to reserve a separate identity from the old goat she, however inexplicably, married.”

“Last week, the couple handheld, practically snuggling their way round the summit, or as much as a gigantic poncho ever allows.

“At an event that exposed, to the largest of audiences, Donald Trump’s more comical deficiencies, his alleged victim appeared all loyalty. Stockholm syndrome?

“Or could Mrs Trump, hardly a feminist icon from the start, have long been the object of spurious concern, sympathy, wishful thinking?”

Ms Bennet’s piece goes on like this, using examples and anecdotes from the new book ‘Free, Melania: The Unauthorized Biography’ to highlight how Melania has allegedly let the feminist’s side down.

She shouts down the attempt by the author, Kate Bennett, at revealing the supernatural feminity of the FLOTUS and hints at it being bias.

She wrote: “To return to Bennett, (who surely, on the book’s evidence, deserves a role as the Washington Cleopatra’s handmaiden or, better still, press secretary): ‘Then there’s the way she smells. She has a distinct, noticeable fragrance, even to those who generally don’t notice such things’.”

“Her voice? ‘Neither too high nor too low.’”

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“Her ‘signature’ wave? ‘Far more comfortable for putting others at ease than, say, Hillary Clinton’s perfunctory side-to-side wave or Michelle Obama’s full-forearm windshield wiper.’”

She continues: “Supposing the hagiography does dispel, as it should, lingering suspicions of victimhood, the corollary must surely be a new, less forgiving acknowledgment that Melania, performing in public as sha**er’s lustrous helpmeet, is complicit in her country’s disgrace.

“Bennett confirms that Melania broadly agrees with her husband’s politics and urged him to run.

“But, as with Carrie Symonds in the UK, Melania, allegedly condescended to by feminists, has in reality benefited from a feminist impulse to respect women as independent of their partners.”


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Generally, Ms Bennet’s scathing attack follows that because Melania has seemingly become complicit in her husband’s actions and is not to be doing anything that condemns them.

Melania has been savaged several times this month already, with the FLOTUS more recent being mocked for her Christmas message she posted to Twitter.

The FLOTUS had took to Twitter to wish her 12 million followers a merry Christmas with husband Donald Trump.

The video included clips of the festive White House, as well as the several visits and greetings both Melania and Donald have participated in through the year – with a special thanks given to the country’s military.

Yet, many on Twitter responded with utter savagery and attempted to snub Melania in asking her about the controversy currently attached to the White House.

One user replied: “All I want for Christmas is the headline ‘Donald Trump arrested and charged with bribery, campaign finance crimes, wire fraud and obstruction of justice’.

“The bonus would be a headline underneath which reads: ‘Trump denied bail-must remain in prison until trial’.”

Another wrote: “And may the New Year end the greed, graft and corruption with a jail sentence for you and your crew.”

A separate user went into detail about the presidents current position: “FUN FACT: Trump currently has the lowest approval rating of any president these many days into his first term at 42%.

“Trump even trails Pres Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush at the same point in their respective first terms, and both of them lost re-election.”

A fourth person wrote: “No peace, no love, no happiness as long as Donald Trump is occupying the White House.

“But thank you for the sentiment.”

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