Man claims his mum kept him locked in a basement in Austria for five months in chilling echo of Josef Fritzl

A MAN from Austria has been rescued after allegedly being locked in a basement for five months by his mum in a chilling echo of the evil Josef Fritz.

The 45-year-old was only discovered by firefighters yesterday who had been called to the house "due a sanitary mishap".

The man, who was in poor health, was taken to hospital. 

On the way there he told firefighters that his 77-year-old mother had locked him in the basement since April.

The woman is now being investigated on suspicion of false imprisonment.

The case has chilling resemblance to the crimes of Fritzl.

In 2009, the monster was sentenced to life imprisonment for keeping his daughter imprisoned in a basement in the town of Amstetten, Austria, for 24 years.

He repeatedly raping her, and for the negligent homicide of one of the seven children she gave birth to.

In 1984, he lured his 18-year-old daughter Elisabeth into his cellar where he drugged and raped her repeatedly.

After telling his own wife that their daughter had run away and joined a cult, Fritzl managed to keep his daughter prisoner in the soundproof basement for 24 years.

Josef fathered seven children with his own child in the small cellar where he installed cramped living quarters including a kitchen and bathroom.

While one of the children died shortly after birth, and was incinerated by Fritzl, three of the other kids were brought upstairs to live with him and his wife Rosemarie.

Fritzl told his wife the children belonged to Elisabeth, and had been left on their doorstep as she was unable to care for them.

The three remaining children were kept in the windowless cellar –aged five to 19 when released – and would first see sunlight in 2008.

Fritzl’s crimes were uncovered when the oldest cellar child, a 19-year-old girl, became seriously ill.

Elisabeth begged her father to take the girl, Kerstin, to hospital, but doctors quickly alerted police after questioning the teenager – who had never been in the outside world before.

In March 2009, Fritzl was jailed for life after pleading guilty to murder by negligence over the death of the baby he cremated.

The other charges included enslavement, incest, rape, coercion and false imprisonment.

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