Jill Dando's brother Nigel reveals theory over who killed Crimewatch presenter – and how he still hasn't given up hope | The Sun

JILL Dando’s brother has revealed his theory over who killed the Crimewatch presenter.

BBC newsreader and Crimewatch host Jill, 37, died of a gunshot wound to the head outside her home in Fulham, West London, in 1999.

Loner Barry George, now 62, was arrested for her murder and jailed for life in 2001.

But his conviction was later quashed before he was acquitted at a second trial in 2008.

Despite more than 2,000 potential suspects and a string of conspiracy theories, the killer has not been found.

A new Netflix documentary airing today – Who Killed Jill Dando? – hopes to shed light on the cold case, and Jill’’s brother Nigel has revealed what he believes happened.

Speaking on Lorainne this morning, he said: “My theory, which I still stick by, is that Jill was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“I think if you were going to target her you'd have to have a plan and that would have to involve knowing where she was going to be.

“On the day in question she left her fiance's home in Chiswick and was planning to call into her home in Fulham and then go on to the BBC.

“It was a random visit that she was making. The police CCTV was relatively rudimentary but nevertheless was able to track her from going from Alan's to her home.

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“She had made a couple of stops – a petrol station and a shop – she wasn't being followed by car or by foot. Nobody where she lived saw anyone suspicious on that day

“Someone would have had to be on that street 24/ 7 to know that she was going to be there if it was a planned hit – which is why I don't believe it was.

“I think it was just somebody in that street who probably knew who she was, obviously armed, and maybe they just wanted five minutes of notoriety – I don't know.”

It comes as the theory that Jill was murdered by a Russian hitman in a case of mistaken identity recently emerged through bombshell French court documents.

Papers submitted to a Paris court allege Elite model agency boss Gerald Marie – who was accused of raping several women – wanted undercover journalist Lisa Brinkworth "dealt with" in revenge for her exposing his firm.

The documents claimed the French fashion tycoon hired an assassin who went on to kill the wrong target.

Nigel still has hope that he sister's killer will be found.

He said: "This documentary may just jog somebody's conscience into coming forward and confessing that they were the person who pulled the trigger on the day in question…

"It's a difficult thing to expect to happen. I have to be realistic that here we are 24 years on, whoever killed Jill is still at large. 24 years on, are they even still alive?

"My belief is that if they are alive, and they do have a conscience, that programmes like this may just prick the conscience of whoever did it.

"There are also people around who may have some knowledge of this and I would say to them it is never too late."

Other theories surrounding the murder include that it was an IRA attack.

There has also been speculation that Jill's murder was a hit by a London underworld gang after she reported on them for Crimewatch.

And some believe it was a revenge killing by Serbian warlords after the journalist fronted an appeal for Kosovan refugees.



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As well as speaking to relatives, friends and co-workers of Jill, the show will also speak to Barry George – who is seen in the trailer saying he had eight years of his life taken away from him.

Who Killed Jill Dando? is on Netflix on from today.

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