Jeremy Clarkson pokes fun at A-level exams chaos

‘I didn’t even get the chance to insist they gave me three A’s instead’ Jeremy Clarkson pokes fun at A-level exams chaos as he boasts about receiving a C and 2Us and is now ‘building a house in the Cotswolds’

  • Jeremy Clarkson posted his annual tweet to ‘reassure’ nervous A level students
  • Teachers were asked to submit grade for each pupil based on past performance
  • Government made last-minute decision to allow students to take mock grades 
  • Ofqual moderated marks to ensure they were in line with previous years 
  • Twitter users shared memes as they waited for Clarkson’s annual tweet 

Jeremy Clarkson has used his annual A-level Results Day tweet to poke fun at results chaos. 

The former Top Gear presenter, 60, wrote: ‘A level results not great? Don’t worry, I got a C and 2 Us and I’m currently building a large house with far reaching views of the Cotswolds.’ 

He added: ‘And I didn’t even get the chance to insist the government gave me three As instead.’ 

The Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? presenter posts a similar tweet to his 7.2 million followers on A-level results day every year to reassure students who didn’t get the results they wanted. 

Jeremy Clarkson poked fun at A-level results chaos in his annual Results Day tweet after a last-minute Government change meant students could take grades based on past performance, mock grades or choose to sit exams in the autumn

Teachers were asked to submit a grade for each pupil based on their performance over the year and in prelims and to rank students in order after exams were cancelled for the first time this year due to the coronavirus pandemic.  

After a last-minute decision from the Government, pupils in England could claim their mock grades as their final grades if they were higher, or choose to sit autumn exams.  

Clarkson posts the same tweet every year for students nervous about collecting their results and Twitter users have started to catch on.

Last night and this morning, many users shared how they were waiting for the annual Jeremy Clarkson tweet about his C and two Us in his A-level exams.   

On Twitter, one user wrote: ‘It’s not truly results day without this tweet.’ 

Another commented: ‘Can’t wait for Jeremy Clarkson to tell me he never did A Levels but still owns 20 houses and 50 cars.’ 

Many Twitter users have caught on to Clarkson’s yearly tweet and have posted memes making fun of it 

A third said: ‘Jeremy Clarkson thinking of a new way to show off his wealth to depressed A-level students this year.’ 

Another Twitter user said: ‘Waiting for the Jeremy Clarkson tweet about how he got a U in his exams but his chefs making him truffles.’  

Clarkson posts a similar tweet to his 7.2 million followers on A-level results day every year to reassure students who didn’t get the results they wanted

On Tuesday night, less than 48 hours before results were released, Education Secretary Gavin Williamson announced the potential grounds for appealing these grades were being widened.   

It came after Nicola Sturgeon abandoned similar arrangements in Scotland after fury that around 125,000 pupils had been downgraded. 

Regulator Ofqual moderated the marks suggested by teachers to ensure the overall results were in line with those in previous years. 

When students opened their results this morning, the proportion of A-level entires awarded an A grade or higher rose to an all-time high, with 27.9 per cent securing the top grades this year, figures for England, Wales and Northern Ireland show. 

However, exam boards downgraded nearly two in five (39.1 per cent) of pupils’ grades in England, according to data from Ofqual. 

One Twitter user said the only thing they were looking forward to was Clarkson’s tweet

This amounts to around 280,000 entires being adjusted down after moderation. 

The figures from Ofqual show that in England a total of 35.6 per cent of grades were adjusted down by one grade, 3.3 per cent were brought down by two grades and 0.2 per cent by three grades. 

Teachers will send emails to pupils today revealing the predicted grades they thought they deserved for their A-level results.   

Another Twitter user said that it isn’t Results Day unless Clarkson tweets his results

In response to his second tweet, a few Twitter users said it was in bad taste. 

One wrote: ‘You’re boasting to kids? Who’ve had an actual pandemic disrupt their studies?’ 

A second commented: ‘Suggesting students have had it good because their education was disrupted by a global pandemic.’

Another said: ‘You went to Repton – so you wouldn’t have had to insist. Your comment on this is bad taste (and astonishingly that’s the first time I’ve ever thought that about you).’  

Jeremy Clarkson has been posting a tweet annually about his A-level results for years

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