Instagram influencer who posed with gun found murdered in ‘cartel killing’

A Mexican Instagram influencer who once posted a photo of herself posing with a gun has been shot dead in a suspected drug cartel murder.

Influencer 'Keilanny Boo', had more than 59,000 followers on Instagram and 136,000 followers on Facebook .

She was shot dead on the July 17 but her murder has only recently been reported by Mexican authorities.

Investigators say the influencer was shot to death in a bar in the municipality of Nezahualcoyotl, near Mexico City.

The woman was killed by members of the drug cartel La Union Tepito, with whom she reportedly had links, according to reports

Reports from the prosecution suggest the influencer may have belonged to the cartel.

Members of the state prosecutors office are investigating the case.

The influencer would often post photos flaunting her luxury lifestyle, with images showing her behind the wheel of a BMW and stepping into a Ford Mustang.

She also posted a photo of herself pointing a gun at the camera and another of an assault rifle with bullets spelling out her name,

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