I’m adopted and found out my parents were just teenagers when they had me… they were also BROTHER AND SISTER | The Sun

A WOMAN found out her teenage parents were actually brother and sister years after being adopted.

Teresa Weiler was born at London's University College Hospital in 1958 where she was abandoned.

Her biological mum – who was just 16 at the time – left with a man and never returned.

Taken to a children's home in Essex, Teresa was then adopted aged two by parents Truda and Terence Weiler.

Starting to look for her birth mum at the age of 26, she put her name on a national register – but was horrified at what she found.

Requesting to see all of her records, she found out "my father was 14 and he was her brother".


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Writing in the Mail Online she said: "The idea was so shocking, I couldn’t take it in at first.

"Then revulsion engulfed me. I was the product of incest.

"No wonder my mother had abandoned me."

Over fears she'd be rejected, Teresa kept the earth-shattering news to herself until her late 40s.

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However, she blurted it out one day to a friend which later gave her the confidence to tell her adoptive parents.

"For 20 years I’d convinced myself that people would be revolted if they knew the real me," she added.

Having always wanted kids, she was forced to give that up over concerns they would be "damaged".

She ended up breaking off every single one of her relationships without explanation and focussed on work.

Once her loved ones knew the truth, Teresa felt confident enough to research the risks of inbreeding.

Unfortunately she was already 50 when she found out complications are quite low.

Despite coming to terms with never having kids, she admits at the time in her life where she should be a grandma, she's struggling again.

The now 64-year-old lives in Peterborough and said she copes by spoiling her great nieces and nephews.

Having only met her birth mother once, Teresa has since said she has no intention of trying to trace her again.

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